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  1. For $1500 I don’t think we can buy a new preamp in shop can beat that amp quality and a phono stage is another plus . Highly recommend for someone who looking for a full control amplifier ( line + phono ) with a budget .
  2. My current 4 TT . Garrard 301 , 401 and a Victor 801 . DIY services/restoration.
  3. He did mention required the USA -AU step down transformer on the ad . But better simple by saying 120 v amp USA .
  4. Most guy move away from highend MC cartridge because the retip price is ridiculous expensive some can go up to $5000.00 . If VDH can charge max up to $1000 then it’s worth to have an highend VDH . GLWS
  5. Try Thomas Mayer phono stage /phono pre amp .
  6. Yes you can levelling these foots by turn screw .
  7. One of the best vintage speaker , far better than many modern price three time over .
  8. Why don’t you do it for Melbourne lockdowns . We are suffered over the years with 4 long long lockdowns .
  9. If the amp has services by Paul Baker of Falls Audio then buy with confident nothing to worry . GLWS
  10. I have an Entre ET-MC100 , Multiples impedance selector for MC Cartridge and can connect 3 tonearms . If you want a high end step up transformer this maybe the one . Buy a decent one then in future if you change cartridge you don’t have to look for another’s . Condition like new as photos
  11. Yes , agree two completed different sound as I put my headphone on and listen some demo videos on you tube , the classic still hold back the traditional classic Spendor years ago more relaxing laid back style and the 9.2 is much modern like most modern speaker with faster and more forward sound . One more suit for classical and jazz and the other more for all type of music and good for rock and roll.
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