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  1. Update on the Pure Audio Lotus 5 Dac, I have had to return it to Taiwan for a repair. The unit kept going dead when on standby and has blown three fuses . Sonically it is very nice, great midrange and top end, bass ok but not as deep as my NAD M51, very nice metal remote. I will update on the response from Pure Audio Labs.
  2. I have the preamp to match these if anyone is interested. It is a very solid unit with remote.
  3. I just replaced my NAD M51 with one, I wanted dsd capability and I am very happy with the Lotus 5. It beats the NAD in every way except possibly soundstage width. The Sabre chip produces typical solid Sabre bass but the midrange and top end is sweet and smooth with no trace of harshness or glare. I have not liked some Sabre implementations in the past for that harshness but this is completely absent in the Lotus 5. The preamp function is very transparent and sonically this is a great dac overall.
  4. Hello, what is the wattage of the amp and what will it drive?
  5. Ok, I have been waiting for a reply sign against my profile but none has come up, I don’t know if stereonet has changed its way of doing messages as I have not looked at it for,a long time. Can you give me the measurement of the top depth of the cabinet as I have limited space. I will ring Mike Lenehan tomorrow to see if he can help me with an audition. We are in the middle of extreme weather here and lots of roads cut and trees down so I will see how I go. I will contact you tomorrow afternoon. Regards Rhett.
  6. Hello, I am interested in these, I am in Mount Tamborine so 40 minutes drive from Lenehan Audio. My current speakers I am finding too bright since I moved to a much smaller house than my previous. I have experimented with cable changes but I am still not happy. I have only heard ML1’s before. I will see if Mike Lenehan has a pair of any ml3’s for me to listen to. I have a 250 w parasound halo a21 to drive them. Iseeyou have not used them much- can I ask if this is for a sonic reason and if so, why. warm regards Rhett Mansel (Kefacurus)
  7. Item: 0.5m or longer Price Range:0- Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Other Harmonic Tech cables considered Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. These are great sounding units, i have one on my NUC and the difference it has made is night and day.
  9. I'll take Boz Scaggs Loan me a Dime and the free Rick Astley.
  10. Many thanks to a chlorophyll tinted gentleman for supply and extensive installation of a NUC, which has finally given me digital sound without the hassles. I can say I am very happy with the result. Not being a NAD C390DD owner I can rest assured that if copper prices goes through the roof I can sell all my leads and interconnects and retire a rich man .
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