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  1. Hi all, Definitely don't think I'm going to be able to tell the difference, but I'm wanting to compare/teach myself on the sound differences between using the Node 2i's internal DAC and my ancient Marantz SR8002. The manual for the SR8002 states it has 24bit/192khz DAC. I can get 176/192khz content to play via windows PC and HDMI. The Node 2i is currently connected with a budget 75ohm Coax cable and using test FLAC files from various internet sources. 24/96 play just fine and the display shows 'Stereo 96khz', however when attempting 176 or 192 the AVR displays 'no data'. Similar issue with Qobuz as a source. Is it normal for this generation AVR's to not accept 176/192khz via Coax? Is there any other way to test this is an issue with the AVR and not the Node source?
  2. Is anyone able to comment on if the xtz edge 300w class d (currently in the classifieds) would be an output improvement to the sr8002 if I am currently 'bi amping' my speakers? I have a blue sound node on the way and a umik 1 microphone as well.
  3. Pm incoming. Edit: currently pending advice on this, please don't hold for me
  4. Item: 1.5m 75ohm digital coax and 1.5m RCA interconnects Price Range: cheaper than the ones I can see on Audiotrends? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi all, slow and steady wins this upgrade race and I'm putting the call out for some budget cables. Was going to pull the trigger on some Audioquest evergreen or wireworld chroma gear and thought someone's box of cables has what I'm after! Planning on using with bluesound node. Qld based, but if price with shipping is right then so be it! Also after some banana plugs if you got em! (16). If you think spades are better then I can try them too I guess!
  5. Noob question, I presume you have to constantly change the volume on both Avr and integrated when watching in 'HT mode'? And if changing volume a significant amount the difference on each volume dial would be related to their output power? Do pre-out also get muted if done so on the AVR?
  6. Thankyou for all the replies, they are extremely helpful. I'm inclined to go integrated as I don't really use the Video functionality in the AVR. The room is definately an issue as it's open on one side. I have seen that the local hifi shop has anthem and NAD so I can head in armed with some info. Hopefully can update soon whilst I keep my eye out on the classifieds
  7. Hello all, I have been reading as much as I can attempting to figure out the best option to upgrade my amplifier for these speakers. They re 4 ohm, recommendation up to 300w I currently run a 3.1 setup from a Marantz SR8002 (7x125@8ohm) and I have heard/read that I would benefit from using a seperate power amp for the PSB L/R speakers. My Sources are optical from smart tv and appletv, with mostly streaming content and FLAC files. I have a low grade sub that needs upgrading too, but I think I'm missing out on clarity from the floorstanders, hence this upgrade first. Primary use is HT duties (Synchrony one Center) and 2.1 music on the weekends! I find that amp is usually at -29db for TV and -20 for music.. Is anybody able to recommend an amplifier like what has been on the classifieds recently please? I found a previous sticky for 'recommended amps' however I certainly don't need new and am getting lost in expensive amps with low power ratings and perhaps poorer quality, but higher wattage amps. Tell me if I'm off track, but hoping to find something suitable less than $1500...? I've been told they are great speakers so trying to upgrade to do to them justice. Appreciate the help!
  8. Lucky beginner here who was passed down some great gear, but not all that clever... Any idea how this will pair with PSB Synchrony Two? Currently running through a Marantz sr8002, which I intend to use via the preout. My budget can't stretch to some of the expensive amps these speakers deserve so maybe being a little hopeful here? Appreciate the forums help!
  9. Hello everybody! My account is old, but i've never really used it much before recently. I'm excited to increase my knowledge on all things HT and 2.1. I've been lucky enough over the years to receive some nice equipment as 'hand me downs', however there are some weak links (both equipment and my knowledge!) in the system. Recent stay-at-home times have led me to spend alot more time with my system and begin to appreciate it. The purchase of a new 65" C9 also helped! Plenty of reading to do on the forums before I ask the hard questions! hope to see you around! Luke
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