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  1. Leffe dark — very good.. Where’s the mussels???
  2. I think the reference bimodal refers to a ground from conical burrs? -- not "bimodal burrs" -
  3. Nice 6SN7GT - MIL Spec dating 1945. Staggered black plates, bottom getter. I've had these running as drivers in my Freya Pre and they are nice. Generally a well regarded NOS type 6SN7, with excellent sound, renown for strong base, some opinions rate it as the best 6SN7 for bass response. IMO not quite as good as the RCA Grey Glass but still an excellent tube. I have one original box, the other box is marked 1944 VT-65 but it will contain a VT-231. Audition and pick up is not available at this time. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Rabbits will need to go up a gear to stay in this one given first half effort. They were gassed at the end of that half...
  5. There is a nice pair of U.S. made Ken Rad 6SN7GT - VT-231 - 1945 vintage I saw in the classifieds that might be worth looking at... ??
  6. Howard Jones "In The Running" -- He covers Donald Fagen's I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World) >>> Qobuz stream..
  7. Can you dream up the next $20m lotto numbers please and shoot me a pm...
  8. Ohh F@#k -- here's another one...
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