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  1. RE very low volume On the NAD receiver make sure the "tape monitor" button is not in. With the banana plugs just a bit less wire poking through so the thread is not fouled & then you can screw the rear thumb nut in further
  2. Hi Ben, Two options. 1. you have your speakers connected to the NAD stereo receiver 7240PE so to make that work you need to connect a RCA lead from "pre Out" sockets to "main in" sockets. That will link the internal preamp section to the power amp section in the NAD receiver & the you should get sound. 2. If you want to use the Adcom Power amp Connect the speaker wires to the output terminals on the Adcom amp. Connect the "pre out" sockets On receiver) to Rh & Lch inputs on the Adcom power Amp Either way will work Sorry duplicate answer Bcdesign beat me to it
  3. I have not done long term stability tests but the noise levels are down around 30 - 40 uv (1mv = 1000uV) Whether or not super low noise levels make an audible difference or not is hard to say but low noise in a audio PSU is always a good thing.
  4. For the record the Kraftwerk II Dual uses all the same tech & double regulation at 5v so equivalent performance to the fixed output version.
  5. Just in case you guys were not aware I do have a brand new Kraftwerk II Fixed output 5v 3.5A PSU which would be perfect for this application. It is a very high spec low noise linear PSU. Asynchronous active mosfet bridge rectifier, Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors, massive 10mH iron core choke & double regulation so very low noise. Cost is $600 with custom length 18AWG DC lead & express post delivery - in stock. One SNA member has just purchased one for his Bluesound Node 2 so hopefully some feed back here. Not cheap I know but quality never is!
  6. The R2R NOS (AD1862) Kompakt variant is now a current model with a lead time of about two weeks as I am waiting on a few critical components. I will update the website shortly. It certainly seems to be attracting some interest, several local orders & now some international ones as well. Lachlan's video review (Passion for sound) I think is the reason for the international interest - thanks Lachlan 😃 Dam, looks like I will be stuck on the workbench breathing all those solder fumes again!
  7. Hi Guys, thanks for all the great feed back. First unit sold to a SNA member & now I have an order for one from Germany. Just having a small parts hiccup again but that will be sorted in about two weeks. I've been too busy to list it on the website yet but that will happen shortly. 😃
  8. Hi Jeff, that is a tough call as the GT Kraftwerk is already a good linear PSU however the KW II has even lower noise levels due to the active synchronous bridge & choke filter. Also the choke filter seems to enhance the sound a bit too. In my opinion & especially being a phono stage I would think you should hear some improvement but just how much is hard to say. Hope that helps answer the question. Cheers Clay
  9. I think @PassionForSound has finished the video review so once that goes live I will officially release it & list it on my website. I'm still having parts issues due the the global chip & now capacitor shortage but I should have good parts stock for R2R DAC production in a couple of weeks. For the record a SNA member in South Australia has purchased that first model so hopefully he may be able to add some further feedback.
  10. Welcome aboard Yair. I have been a big fan of yours for many years & loved all your early input on Pinkfishmedia in particular. Certainly inspired me in a lot of my early PSU research. It will be very refreshing to have some technical input from such an accomplished designer as yourself. 🙂
  11. You would need this Uptone Audio adaptor kit https://uptoneaudio.com/products/mac-mini-dc-conversion-linear-fan-controller-kit-mmk Then my 12v 6A PSU could certainly be used to power it.
  12. Just letting everyone know that in my Kraftwerk II Fixed output range of power supplies there now is a 12v 6A version. https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/kraftwerk-ii-fixed-output These are very high performance power supplies using active synchronous rectification, iron core choke filtering & large Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors. Cost is $650.
  13. Thanks Lachlan for alerting me to that, I had meant to put a sticker over it say 12 V a.c. When the R2R NOS DAC goes into full production I will order a separate run of cases with the correct rear panel labelling. For this first unit I just used a current series Kompakt case hence the 9v rear panel labeling.
  14. Hey that's great to hear you are enjoying it. Looking forward to the video review.
  15. Hi Lachlan, the R2R NOS DAC needs a 12v AC only supply to work, eg the external 12v transformer I supply with it. Don't connect it to a DC external PSU as it will not work. The reason being it has + & - internal supplies (+ - 5v & + - 12v) and the best way to to do that is run it from a AC supply. The Klein III, Gross, Fein, Kompakt AKM & Kompakt Wolfson DAC's all only require + internal supplies (+ 3.3v & +5v) so it is possible to run them from a DC external PSU. Yes no problem at all removing the lid on the R2R DAC, just remove the four side screws & pop it off.
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