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  1. There are ten of these now out in the field so owners please feel free to add feedback Thanks Clay
  2. NEW GIESELER KRAFTWERK II FIXED OUTPUT POWER SUPPLIES These are a single fixed output version of the Kraftwerk II and are in a lower profile custom Japanese case. Due to the huge range of output voltage options I am using a industrial vinyl label printer to label the input and output sockets. All the models are basically the same design and have the same technology as the Kraftwerk II series so to be clear all models have; Active synchronous mosfet bridge rectifiers. Nichicon Gold Tune main filter capacitors. Two stage iron core choke pre regul
  3. GIESELER AUDIO R2R NOS DAC Finally after a couple of prototypes I now have a production version of a R2R DAC based on the AD1862 Analog Devices DAC chip. This is quite an old design & first introduced in 1990 however it was rated very highly & used in premium products back in the day. It is considered one of the best R2R DAC chips of all time & rated up there with the Burr Brown PCM1704. I am running it in non oversampling mode (NOS) as this is now getting to be a very popular topology with R2R ladder DAC’s. NOS operation mode is achieved with a fairly stan
  4. On the AKM & Wolfson Kompakt it is the same as the RCA outputs, 2v due to the Jensen transformer output. However on the AD1862 R2R variant the XLR output is double (4v) as it is using an active output stage. Also the RCA & XLR outputs can be used simultaneously
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve just put together a quick update on how we’re responding to the unfortunate developments in the industry recently and what it means for our DAC range, and as well as some more positive news on our power supply range. Firstly, as you may have noticed we are in the middle of a severe shortage of certain electronic components resulting from a series of unfortunate disruptions in the world silicon supply chain. Many of the high grade capacitors & regulators we normally use have been hit particularly hard are already in very short supply, and choices for top quali
  6. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. I have a huge amount happening in terms of new products & all the info will be in my "Mid year news" which I will post shortly. Cheers Clay Mid year news
  7. Hi Steve, during the design process I do a lot of measurements but it is not documented other than my own notes. Due to the design the final output noise is extremely low and only around a few uV. Capacitance. Because it uses a choke filter the capacitor arrangement is different to a normal PSU. At the output of the bridge rectifier I use a small value of 2200 uf. The value here needs to be relatively small because of the choke design. Then after the choke I use a 10,000uf 50v capacitor - both are Nichicon Gold Tune types which are specifically
  8. Hi Grizaudio, I think the Farad Super 3 is an excellent power supply which the measurements and listening tests confirm. However I think the Kraftwerk II fixed will still stack up well against it. It still has two advantages. One the active synchronous bridge rectification which has a clear advantage over diodes (used in Farad) With active rectification there is virtually zero switching noise & it is far more efficient. JCat also use it in their new high end ATX power supply. https://jcat.eu/optimo_atx-truly-linear-atx-power-supply-sneak-peak/ Also
  9. Hi there, I am releasing a new range of PSU's called the Kraftwerk II fixed out. There will be a 24v 2.5A model in the range. These are very high spec with the following features. Active synchronous bridge rectification, large iron core choke filtering, Nichicon Gold Tune filter capacitors and a new custom Japanese aluminium case. They are powered with an Australian approved external transformer. Cost is $600 including delivery Parts are in stock & lead time just a few days. Cheers Clay
  10. A bit of info on the Kraftwerk II Dual Power supply in this Passion for Sound video. About a third of the way in.
  11. Hi everyone. These are getting popular now with only one case left from the first batch. More cases have been ordered but they are about 2 - 3 weeks away. Owners please feel to comment & add feedback. There will be a mini review on "Passion for Sound" YouTube soon. Cheers Clay
  12. Well finally the brand new Kraftwerk II Dual power supply is now available. It is basically the same design as the Kraftwerk II low voltage version but in dual format form. The only shared components are the power transformer and case. As per KW2 specs It uses large iron core chokes between the two main filter capacitors. What this does is remove the nasty saw tooth ripple that you normally have on the output of the main filter capacitor. What is left is a very low level sinusoidal ripple which is very easy for the regulator to remove. Also standard for the Kraftwerk II range is the
  13. Yes definitely a bit of pressure as there is currently a shortage of stock amongst all the main DAC suppliers. Mouser only have x 109 of the Wolfson WM8741 which I'm now using which is not much
  14. Just a quick update regarding the current Kompakt DAC: The Kompakt previously used a AKM4493 DAC chip which is now no longer available so I have had to change to the Wolfson WM8741 chip. This is a similar voltage out chip & works very well with the Jensen Output transformers. For reference, the Lumin flagship streamer also uses the Wolfson WM8741 with a transformer output stage. https://www.luminmusic.com/lumin-a1.html There are a couple of small hardware upgrades in the Wolfson configuration vs the AKM variant. The rear panel RCA sockets have been upgraded to an all
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