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  1. Lovely looking unit, you might want to correct the thread title 👍
  2. I want it but can’t afford it... 😌 GLWTS mate!
  3. All this jibber jabber is not helping the gents sale... Lets not assume... pm the seller if seriously interested in buying.
  4. Maybe check the battery power adapter settings. Make sure prevent computer from sleeping when display is off is enabled.
  5. Hey Nickynick, out of interest... what dacs with volume control have you tried with your ATC's?
  6. Or get some quotes from local metal fabricators to make some to your preferred size. That's what I did for my 100's and they are great! Save a few bob too...
  7. Did you guys read what chi guru posted above?
  8. This is an awesome streamer The T2 adds dac functionality. Both U1 mini and T2 have leedh volume control. You can order a remote for either as well. GLWTS mate
  9. Ah I don’t know much about it but they are advertising that it downloads from the kaleidoscopes store
  10. How strange that this OZ store is advertising still? https://lifestylestore.com.au/product/kaleidescape-cinema-one-movie-server/
  11. Hey Caron, I’m pretty sure you took his comment the wrong way. He was actually complimenting the sellers amp....
  12. Item:WTB: Uptone JS2 or SBooster 12v Linear Power Supply Price RangeVarious Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Chasing a quality 12v 2amp+ linear power supply Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. How does it compare to the Hugo TT2 considering they are at a similar price point?
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