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  1. Thanks Bill. So when you play wav files on Tidal with this, does this sound much or just a bit better than directly through headphones? Cheers.
  2. Can I use this to play from dsd files on iPhone with the foobar2000 app? How does it connect to iPhone? Thanks
  3. so beautiful! If someone wants to buy my ProAc 3.5, I would top up to buy this one. The problem is the big boss only accepts new speakers if I sell old ones.
  4. there is only preamp out. There is no power section, just ordinary integrated amp. Cheers,
  5. Many thanks. This is what I am afraid of. Cheers,
  6. I have 2 integrated amps: one Redgum 120ENR (150w per channel) and one MF A5 (250 watts). Can I use one as preamp, and preamp out into second amp? 1. In this case, would I get the sound of 1st amp Redgum (warm) as preamp plus the power of 2nd MF with 250watts. 2. Or would MF overwrite the Redgum warm sound with its own? 3. Could it cause any harm to any amp? Thanks for anyone advice. Cheers,
  7. Thanks very much for your opinion. I agree the portability is one of my main thinking now. The Hugo is primarily used for my stereo system.
  8. I currently pair my P9 signature with Chord Hugo as headphones amp, do you think Mojo would improve from Hugo? Cheers,
  9. 1. Hi, can I play iphone music via Bluetooth to this amp? 2. Can I play spotify with this amp alone 3. Do you have a small centre speaker for sale too Thanks
  10. Can I connect vhs player to this dvd recorder then record vhs to dvd? Or record to hard drive? Thanks.
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