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  1. Hopefully not on the outside and half a car length ahead.
  2. 11 reasons Australians are among the worst drivers in the world https://www.caradvice.com.au/295933/11-reasons-australians-are-among-worst-drivers-in-the-world/
  3. Nah, same engine as the M135i and that pumps out 225kW and 450Nm
  4. They didn't want it eating into sales of some higher up models.
  5. At 65 - 67km/hr. I'd hate to be going faster.
  6. 🙂 195kw and 400nm would have been better. Thank you BMW Oz. You can always tune them if powertrain warranty isn't a concern. About $75k on the road as you don't really need any of the options.
  7. 1986 David + David - Boomtown. And the single "Welcome to the Boomtown"
  8. No need to swerve in that thing and it's probably not going to do real well at that if you tried. The proliferation of these stupid oversize things is no doubt why the advise was updated to don't swerve, just brake. New cars sales chart for June 2021, the top 3 highest sellers... Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Isuzu D-Max – 3. I wonder how they all do in the Moose Test.
  9. Swerve if possible and surely brake. If you're going to hit something better to hit it as slow as possible.
  10. Well obviously you don't swerve into anything but if you can you would try to avoid hitting the roo.
  11. With current ABS and ESC you'd be surprised how well modern cars can brake and swerve at the same time.
  12. 100km/hr is probably a tad fast, I'll meet you halfway though at a more sensible 70km/hr. Agree with you regarding the moose test. Off throttle, no brakes and in top gear equals stupid. Braking at the 2m off throttle point even at 100km/hr would see most cars at a dead stop before the end of the 11m section. At 80km/hr you probably wouldn't even get into the 11m section. https://www.vehico.com/index.php/en/applications/iso-lane-change-test
  13. Base model is still reasonable but it does lack features and also slightly strange that in order to get the Premium spec with the 8 speed DCT you have to also get a sunroof. I blame VeeDub Australia for setting the pricing benchmark. That Cupra Leon 300 is looking good 😉
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