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  1. My thinking would be to leave dac changes to the last. The best bang for buck -if you can pick them up used - would be the Proac d18. They are a very nice all round speaker. The naim shouldn’t have a problem driving them but you can switch to another amp at some future time.
  2. Item: sonus faber floorstander Price Range: $5k ish - $15k ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: melbourne Interested in some Sonus Faber floorstanders. What have you got?
  3. RIP - and thanks for all the speakers.. I’ve owned Proac 1s, and still have 1sc and D18 - lovely speakers.
  4. I’m in pretty deep with Olympus and I certainly hope they’re not done. I should think these lenses were already pretty well developed before the takeover so probably doesn’t tell us much about their future intentions. I don’t have much use for big bodied wide aperture lenses and I would have much preferred a 40-200 ish f4 zoom rather than the 40-150 f4 which replicates the already excellent 2.8. I guess if they come up with a new state of art body I’ll be more confident in the future of m4/3. Though I d have to say the em1.3 is a fantastic camera to use.
  5. Carla Bley - Trios I love this album - with Steve Swallow on bass and Andy Shephard on sax.
  6. I associate critical listening with gtgs. Leaning forward, furrowed brows - me usually pretending to have greater acuity and insight than I actually have. It is one of the great pleasures - you get to listen to a someone’s system strut it’s stuff and analyse its strengths and weaknesses, suggest alternative strategies to removing impediments to enjoying music to the full. But then you move on to sharing some great music. Ultimately, for me, critical listening has the same relation to music as servicing the car has to driving. Its technology in the service of aesthetics - the music and the winding mountain roads. While I take pleasure in owning the kit itself, it’s something I have little technical interest in. Thankfully, through this site, I’ve made great friends who usually put me right on the tech.
  7. Looks really good, Andy. And the really fantastic thing is you won’t have to put up with any more jokes about your meccano set TT.
  8. My system has undergone some radical changes in the past year or two - all of which have massively improved it. As I just vacuumed the layers of dust from under the rack and repainted the rack shelves I thought it was time to take a pic. As you can see it sounds magnificent. I replaced my old model Elektra HD and the Elektra Pnyx. I now have a Sanders Magtech (magnificent beast) and a Primaluna EVO 300 pre with B&W 805d3 and 2 SVS sb1000 subs. I also went all in with digital, selling my Rega P3-24 and even removed my dearly beloved Arcam Alpha 9 cdp to the cupboard. I use Roon to play my own collection of PCM and DSD files and CD rips. Je regrette rien, though I admit to looking at turntable porn now and then, and I have kept a small collection of vinyls (records that is to linguistic reactionaries). At the moment I’m streaming via Sonore Ultrarendu into a Gieseler Gross. In the near future - when I finally get my rack built - i will dispense with the Rendu and go direct USB.
  9. That’s such a beautiful open space. Only lacking a few warm, red wine filled bodies. Are you using the home theatre set up?
  10. Art Tatum is the granddaddy of the all - what a touch he had. I don’t know Willie Smith - I’ll check him out.
  11. That was my point - chemical processing of colour prints is a much bigger deal than b&w
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