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  1. @TerryO thanks for the offer, but Australia’s going COVID nuts atm. Long way for three hours. Hope it goes well.
  2. Aries G2.1 and Vega G2.1, excellent pieces of kit
  3. Very interested in your assessment of the four units. I have two of them!
  4. that indicates to me that your Spotify is lossy. Spotify Connect currently shows as 44/16 on my Auralic Vega G2.1 but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of bitrate. Doesn’t seem to be any indication in logos etc that it’s Hifi yet. Will listen a bit more today to form a view
  5. Just trying to round this thread back to the original intent. I too have pretty much reached the end of upgrading (I think LOL), not of 60, probably not going to take any further plunges (I did have a hard look at an ME1500 on evilly a month or so ago haha). Have delved reasonably hard into upgrading my digital front end in the last twelve months and am pretty happy with that, very enjoyable lsitening to music. I have a reasonably high specced t'table and use that a little, I am equally happy with analogue and digital, given the right recordings, as always. Tbh though, most music listening for
  6. As I posted on the MQA Fraud thread, I have just shifted my Qobuz account library from the UK to Oz and have shut down my Tidal account (shifting all Tidal tracks to my Oz Qobuz account as well) No dramas, all sounds good, either via Auralic LDS or Roon.
  7. Well, I've voted with my feet. I have had a Qobuz account based int he UK, but haven't really loaded up, with most of my streaming files on Tidal. Signed up to Qobuz in Oz last week and have swapped all of my streaming content on Qobuz UK and Tidal across to my Oz Qobuz account and have stopped Tidal. Sounds great in my Auralic/ME/MAgnepan system.
  8. I similarly object to DRM by stealth, can’t fully utilise MQA without appropriate MQA capable gear from which MQA extracts a licence fee
  9. For me, hi-res Qobuz for me is better than MQA Tidal, and don’t want to pay twice
  10. Not sure what your Roon issue is. I don’t have much in the way of playlists, but I have no problem with Roon dealing with all of local file content (NAS) and both Tidal and Qobuz
  11. I have a similar plan.
  12. Excellent! I will have to swap over my UK account!
  13. That’s a great journey, thanks for sharing. I trust my Auralic Vega G2.1 would fit in that list somewhere ??
  14. As an Auralic user, I would obviously recommend the Auralic route, the Altair G1 would be an excellent solution at that price point. However there are other products at or less than your budget, Matrix Audio and Lumin (which you have mentioned), come to mind. I guess you need to weigh up the benefits of a one box solution vs perhaps a bit more flexibility. The Altair has no digital out for example, so you can’t plug it into an upgraded DAC down the track. However, it’s still a one box solution that’s excellent at that price point. It’s an interesting topic for me. I decided to get
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