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  1. I thinking Plinius might sneak in
  2. I'm in Perth and have a Naksa 125 I'm happy to sell at $1500, only selling as I just bought a matching P10 power amp to my Plinius M8 pre, otherwise I would not be selling. It's a stunning and powerful amp. AJ
  3. I've used VST for nearly 10 years now - very happy with the consistency. I have some background being a multiple times amateur barista finalist and subsequently trained - not that that's anything but I have been interested in coffee as a hobby for nearly as long as hifi. The surest route to consistency is the grind, then the machine. knowing the nuance of the roasted beans profile, and knowing how to adjust the grind through the life of the bean as well as the environmental conditions makes it more likely that you can pull consistent shots out of whatever machine you are using. I do like naked
  4. Ahh look at that !!! right there is the value in this community - cheers !! And I considered myself a techo haha - back to the classroom for me Regards AJ
  5. I've had the same issue with endpoints dropping out no - which seems to be a wider issue wit the new release, and yes a roon server reboot fixes this. If only there was an option to do this from the roon settings rather than having to trudge to the back of the house to physically reboot - I would be ok if I could reboot roon rock remotely. It seems less frequent now - hopefully shortly fully resolved. Until the uograde my system was rock solid (excuse pun). AJ
  6. Just clear up a couple of misconceptions in these statements - it is not "more than likely" that a power amp will have a voltage regulator in the main circuit - this would be very unusual. Also frequency 50/60 is not mainly an AC motor issue - it swill of course affect motors, but it is important to know that all other things being equal - a transformer designed for 60hz operation will be underspecced operating at 50hz, the core will not be sufficient and will underperform, potentially saturate.
  7. Further information: Pair of PXC 550 with original box and all inclusions. I bought this about 18 months ago when I also went silly and bought B&O and Sony's as well during a medical recovery. Given I am not travelling as much, I have too many sets of headphones now - so these go. They have been only lightly used, basically have used them to listen to TV late at night. Happy to send via post for small additional cost. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you
  8. I concur with Mendes - was a great night - amazing hospitality and the LM lineup is way more comprehensive than I thought. The sound was awesome and it was great to catch up with so many forum members. I will make sure I get back to have a better look at some stage !! - well done and thanks for the hospitality - it really was a warm place last night AJ
  9. OMG OMG - this must be in the top 10 rubbish finds of all time - don't forget me when you get it going. Would be happy to lend you my folded simplistic fet phono amp which is tuned for OM2 Black cart for a run around the block !!!!! Been so distracted by my boat I've been absent a bit from audio goodness like this ! I suspect you will be at Frank Prowse Line Magnetic night shortly?? AJ
  10. I've asked my source - I'll get back if any joy
  11. Hi Ken, Plinus is well built stuff, I've had a Hautonga amp. If it's worthwhile potentially you could get a tech here to liase with Plinius tech in NZ to resolve what should be a simple fix. I could reach out to the tech there as I've upgraded a few Plinius components in liason with them. AJ
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