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  1. Hi Marc Yes, that makes sense. Will keep an eye out for it. I am sure that there are lots of others who are also interested. Thanks again. Bruce
  2. Hi Marc I am not only interested in going to next year's HiFi Show, I am also interested in staying in the hotel over the week end. Stayed a couple of years ago and it was a most enjoyable experience. Even had a short chat with you!!!! Are there any special HiFi Show deals with the hotel? I did not think to ask last time. But this time around I do want to ask. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Bruce
  3. Have no idea about some obnoxious person being obnoxious, BUT ... Have just ordered a strain gauge on Friday. I am very excited! Make that super excited!! This is a nice place to be, And Marc is a good guy. I am sure that obnoxious persons make up an extremely minuscule proportion of the community here. Anyway. Welcome. Great to have you here! Bruce
  4. Peter from Deep Hz Audio delivered my Thoebe a few hours ago. I have been doing some solid listening since then. My impressions are: * a more mellow, less harsh sound; * much greater micro detail; * a widened sound stage, and * much finer volume control. That is compared to my Myrad preamp. Care to share your observations Rod? And, yes, I am very happy with the Blue colour. Bruce
  5. Funny how some of you guys talk about the waiting time. I seem to just accept long waiting times. I have just become accustomed. My custom ER Audio electrostats are more than twelve weeks so far as are my (Blue) SST Thoebe IIs. Twenty four weeks is less than double my currents waits!! I guess I see that 'waiting' is just part of the world that we live in, Especially if you want something even slightly non standard. Bruce
  6. Funny how how things work out sometimes. I had just ordered my electrostats (customised ER Audios) and they were very much more efficient and an easier load than the ones I had previously intended to buy (SoundLabs). I had decided that I could now go class A. Sugden are about as good as class A gets so I decided on a Sugden power amp. Meanwhile the HiFi Guru was delivering the custom lid for the Thorens TD125 that he had serviced and upgraded for me. We were just chatting and I mentioned my interest in a Blue Sugden. He said, "I can get you a Sugden". He is a
  7. Had a pair of Gales prior to buying my current electrostats. I had the wooden ones, think that they might have been Bs but it is a long time ago. Had them professionally rewired with supra cable and they sounded better. Did not buy the Gale stands though. My HiFi dealer suggested using Bose stands instead. I took his advice. They were a good speaker. But it is a long time ago now. I suggest that you find out whether the surrounds on the drive units need work. If they do I would suggest that maybe you get an 'expert' to do the refurbishing. All
  8. Hi Andy The amp that I have ordered (in Blue) is a Sugden Sapphire FBA-800 Floating Bridge Pure Class ‘A’ Stereo Power Amplifier This is a fully balanced unit. Rated at 40 watts into 8 ohms and I think it delivers 75 watts into 4 ohm. I am assured that 3.8 minimum ohms is nothing to the Sugden. I am driving a very benign electrostat so I was extremely interested in both the amp speaker relationship. The speaker is one of Rob's from ER Audio with a custom cabinet (read more accurately 'frame'). Was initially going to buy some SoundLab electrostats and drive th
  9. What about a Sugden class A? Class A is widely considered to sound great. Sugden produced the first commercially available class A amplifier back in 1967. Also, for a very (very) small price increase you can get it in any of seventeen colours!! Hand made in the UK! I actually have one on order myself. My speakers are very efficent, nominally 4 ohms with a minimum of 3.8 ohms. I am extremely certain that it will sound better than my Quad 606! My HiFi dealer is the HiFi Guru but I know that there are a number of other dealers who sell Sugden. Hope tha
  10. Thanks for reminding me of those B&W DM70s THOMO. I had forgotten that I have also heard them and also the Crown/Amcron hybrid electrostats. All many years ago now! I enjoyed them but for me the life changing moment was when I heard my first full range electrostats, the Quad 63s. I had been interested in horns up until then. Probably I would have purchased some. Was certainly investigating them. Think my short list was between JBL and Electrovoice. Glad I did not go down that horn path. Although I listen to a wide variety of music I use acapella
  11. Sub integration is certainly an issue with electrostats. Although ML keep saying they have solved the problem I wonder if that is completely accurate. I have listened to a number of the MLs and something seemed to be 'not quite right' except for the CLS which did not have a cone sub woofer!! I really thought that the CLS was something special sound wise. But they don't make them any more. I wonder if that was due to impedance issues? I know they had really old coating tech (I believe it was just carbon powder) but that could easily be solved. I believe David
  12. Regarding the sweet spot, I sit in my single chair in my music room and the width /breadth of the sweet spot is not an issue to me. Hey, I never even think of it unless I am on a site where people talk about it! I know that there are guys whose wives listen with them and it is certainly an issue with them! Gary who is doing the frames for my new electrostats is one such person, him and his wife listen to their music together. He actually wrote about the width of the sweet spot in his communication to me! But I just let it pass over me. But, yes the sweet spot widt
  13. Reckon that I have had them for the better part of 35 years. Purchased them direct from the factory in the US. They have never been repaired and they still work a treat! Of course, they use a much thinner membrane these days and that is surely going to improve the sound. I think the 'plastic' they used for the speakers goes brittle over time. So, I guess when I move them out to get my music room re-carpeted they may crack and the panels lose their charge. Hope that does not happen but my new electrostats are under construction and are not all that far away! W
  14. I currently have a pair of Acoustat Spectra 22s and my good (audiophile) friend Tim has some Maggies. I know my Spectra 22s like the back of my hand and I am deeply familiar with Tim's Maggies. Actually, I love Tim's Maggies! I have heard every electrostat that I possibly could over the years. Thought the original ML full range CLS's were the best of the Martin Logans (& I listened to them extensively at a friend's house). I have heard a number of the different MLs over the years and always thought that they were good ... but. That is regard to sound. Reg
  15. Looking for a new preamp? Well, you could do a lot worse than the SST Thoebe. Both Rocket1961 and I ordered one within a couple of days. His was black and mine was blue. The thread is about six postings down but here is the link anyway: I am sure that Rocket1961 did a lot of homework before his decisions (as did I!). Enjoy the search and enjoy the item when it arrives. Bruce
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