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  1. What’s better than a big JBL speaker system? A bigger JBL speaker system 😊
  2. No worries When the bias level changes it still stays in class A operation, except if the maximum or top level of bias level drops down by one level if the heatsink temperature exceeds the 80 degree C threshold, then it will operate in AB mode. Of course, dropping down from the top level of bias by one level normally it will still remain in class A mode if that thermal threshold was not reached. And as you said, if your speakers are efficient and relatively easier to drive, it’s far more likely to stay in class A operation.
  3. Pete, they are both right but the Krell explanation is the truly correct one as it explains the condition more accurately. When the amp is driven hard if the heatsink temperature reaches 80 deg C, then the plateau bias drops down one position so that the amp does not overheat, thus reducing the amount of class A power available. So it might be in your particular case it will not ever get that hot unless you push it hard, in which case it will always operate in class A mode. Mind you, many class A amplifiers don’t maintain full class A when driven hard, especially into low impedance loads,
  4. I certainly hope you get many years of musical bliss from this lovely combination. Without a doubt it delivered the goods when I was fortunate to hear it today.
  5. Nice amp. I’ve had the Kinki monoblocks home and they are impressive
  6. Surprised this hasn’t sold. Nice sound and has been looked over.
  7. Hoping all the best with the project and that it turns out to be everything and more than you expected
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