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  1. Really great speakers, especially with an equally nice amplifier. Transparent, musical, organic, coherent sound signature. It's just a shame I cannot find a way to buy these right now.
  2. Edit: Nah, don't want to start a war🤐
  3. I am pleased you mentioned him. It made me feel better. I was feeling really queasy when someone suggested Lionel Richie
  4. Definitely. I had pair about a year ago and they are made in China but the way Dynaudio markets them, one could be forgiven for not knowing. They still flog the Danish connection to the nth degree.
  5. Retro aesthetics are the thing these days and it looks neat and tidy. I have to admit though, that I am very surprised that the Leak amplifier can drive the 4.4 to their full potential. I think the 4.4 are one of the best kept secrets.
  6. Wow. I think I might sit this one out. Hyper detail doesn't really help a lot in this case as people can only make suggestions based on their own experience. No offence intended at all and good luck with your search
  7. This has happened to me several times and it really is annoying. I now have several un playable discs and really don't like shrink wrap at all. Sorry for the slight OT.
  8. Looks like you came to the right place at the right time. Audio is like that sometimes. Enjoy!
  9. Hi. Just hover your mouse over the OP's avatar and you will see a box. At the bottom on the left hand side you will see "message" just click on that and you will be able to send a PM to the seller.
  10. The R8 is not a Class A amplifier. You may wish it so, but it is not. Over and out.
  11. I am sure you will find whatever information you need here.
  12. Sheesh!. That one is really a kick in the nutz.🤪
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