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  1. Thanks for mentioning it. I haven't seen the Mocha finish before, are you able to share some pictures of how it looks in a lit room and dark? I was only interested in black to match with my room and other speakers but could be tempted if it completely blends away in a dark room or looks black.
  2. I'll have to hold out for black ones but thanks anyway @Shane Stephenson 😀
  3. Item: Dynaudio Confidence C4 & Center (Black) Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Just thought I'd try my luck and see if anyone has Dynaudio Confidence C4 and/or Center speakers they're considering to part with? If so please list what you have, the condition and how much you're looking for. I'm after them in black only. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Grizzly! Uggh.. to jump on these or wait for black C4s that may never come up. 🤔
  5. This has been good excuse to finally create a thread for my home theatre. 😁
  6. Hi All, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so I thought I’d finally share my home theatre which was prompted by the @HeyNow Hi-Fi competition. 😅 It's a multi purpose room for music and home theatre use and It’s becoming a tradition to watch a movie or two every week with the wife and kids so it gets enough use and brings much joy. So a bit about the room.. it’s approx. 5.9m x 4.9m with the riser made out of concrete. It’s not sound proof but the windows are commercial grade and the walls are double brick with sound board. It’s far from an ideal room for acoustic
  7. Cool, I hope that's the case.. shame about the 65" models missing out on it though! Does anyone have info on when the X95J models will be released in AU by any chance?
  8. Interesting.. the Sony product page only lists the 65" as not having the X-Anti Reflection feature. Does this mean the 75" and 85" models do?
  9. Heaps good! I've been waiting to get a TV for my bright living room so I was curious as I noticed the X90J is lacking the X-Anti Reflection feature that the X95J model has.
  10. Thanks for sharing @petetherock! How do you reckon it will perform in a bright room?
  11. @kudeta2003 that's awesome, what model did you order? My process was level matching them using a Umik-1 & REW and then I used Dirac Live for the EQ and tweaked/experimented with the curve. I've got a MiniDSP for further tuning and BEQ but I'm waiting on some cables from @Bill125812 before I can play around with it. Here's a guide that I got from Enrico at Rythmik to help setup the subs that is worth a read. Dialing-in Rythmik Subwoofers_2019-05-14-1.pdf
  12. That's awesome @April Snow! I'm pretty excited about getting my order completed and shipped from Bill too which is not too far away. ?
  13. I'm after a MiniDSP 2x4HD but already have a Umik-1. Are you open to selling these separately?
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