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  1. I'll see you on the way up the hole, I'm trying to vet out! Welcome and best advise I can give, take your time and do lots of reading/research. Get advice from here but remember everyones ears are different so try to listen before you buy.
  2. Geez if you haven't listened to these guys lately throw some on. You realise just how talented some of these guys/bands were. We just took it for granted back then.
  3. I personally haven't heard the JTR's however have read similar things to POV in that they are quite a 'lively' sounding speaker. Maybe a bit like the older models of Klipsch. See the thing with hifi is you can get other people's opinions which is fine, as long as their tastes are close to yours. And hear lie's the problem, those people's ears may love a forward, lively sound in which case they love the speakers. But....when your ears hear the same speakers they may go blaaaaa, really not my taste. That's why listening is really the only way to go. I've even seen/read reviews with deep descriptions of how those speakers sound and thought yeah, I'll give them a listen. Get to the store and sit for two minutes and think yes that's how they are described but it's not what I really want. The salesman may pull out something TOTALLY different to what you had been looking for and you just fall in love. Sound is such a highly personal thing, try to listen/audition first. It's hard earned money you are parting with for this, get it right from go (or at least as close as you can). And please don't go off specs, they often don't reflect very well if at all on how a speaker sounds
  4. Have you considered something serious from Kroc? Like these: https://www.krix.com.au/3-way-x/
  5. NAD also go pretty well with Klipsch. Something like this may be worth some thought.
  6. I also have a Plinius amp and these are the two speakers I'd be looking at. PMC Db1 Gold - https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/pmc/products/pmc-db1-gold-bookshelf-monitor-speakers Very hard to beat for pure detail. Dynaudio - https://www.classaaudio.com.au/bookshelf-speakers/2818-3844-dynaudio-emit-20-bookshelf-speakers-5706937923065.html#/26-colour-black Or https://www.classaaudio.com.au/bookshelf-speakers/1866-1844-dynaudio-evoke-10-bookshelf-speakers-5706937071773.html#/44-colour-blonde_wood_grain Dynaudio and Plinius is a magic combination! I run my Plinius 9200 with Dynaudio DM3/7's, and it's one of the best combinations I've heard. Hope this helps
  7. So does both wav and flac save all the cd information ie. album name/track names etc?
  8. I'm going to try to burn a few cd's to my Hifi Rose streamer (SSD HD plugs directly into device in slot underneath) and it's giving me a few options. the options are Flac, Flac(comp) and Wav. Which will retain the most of what the cd has on it? Room isn't problem. Also for those that have done this, can you tell a difference between playing on a cd player compared to the hd on the streamer?
  9. Yeah pretty quick but I'm not neither is the whole town haha
  10. Haha yeah but she's obsessed. Her car..........
  11. Also using new Hifi Rose RS250 as the pre-amp and streamer.
  12. Right. The Harbeth's are coming along nicely with the Plinius running them in. Still a bit to go I'd say but sounding very nice indeed. Tonight I'm trying something different. I've read quite a lot of comments saying the SHL5P's sound nicer driven by a tube amp. I don't yet have a tube amp however I have something very close. I have a pair of Flying Moles from Japan. These are said to sound quite close to some tube amps and I agree. Although they are a class D switching amp, they are quite warm and smooth. They pump out 100w/ch and are about the size of an old SATA hard drive. They also create near to no heat. I'll give them a try after dinner and report back at some stage. Cheers Blakey.
  13. What is your budget? I'm actually thinking this. Vocals will be sublime!
  14. I would get the Limetree Network II streamer personally. I've just finished researching in that price bracket and above and ended up with something a bit more expensive. If I had have stayed below the $2k mark I would have gone for that. The dac in the Limetree would probably be superior
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