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  1. Yeah around $6k for my main system. Looking for two actually, one also for another system at around $1.5k. Thinking maybe the new Bluesound node for that one.
  2. I'm in the same boat as @Gryffles trying to find something suitable. I too was thinking along your lines that separate may be better. The problem is which combo, so many products out there. Even with the single box solution there's just so many
  3. I've found Whatmough are also a good match for the Plinius. More lively than the Harbeth but not bright at all. Never heard Elac with the Plinius.
  4. Yeah no worries, just a suggestion. Did you listen to the Harbeths with the Plinius? The are quite reactive with the amp that drives them.
  5. Yeah as Bunno said, Plinius matches well with most speakers that are warm to neutral. The Hautonga is neutral but can on the brighter side of neutral at times. My 9200 seems warmer than the Hautonga. I love mine with Dyn speakers, just a great match. I also have used PMC with Plinius with great success (VDH IC's and speaker cables). If you want a soft detailed sound these are an excellent match with Plinius
  6. Hi. I'm thinking about wacking a P77i on my P3 and want some opinions on how they sound. I'm after a warm, analog sounding cart to match my Harbeth SHL5P speakers, Plinius 9200 amp (eventually Weston Artisan 150) and Leben RS30-eq phono-pre.
  7. Ok. So I'll give it a go with the Plinius 9200 then. See how that goes. Specifications POWER 200 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. 280 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms. Both channels driven from 20Hz to 20kHz at less than 0.2% total harmonic distortion FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz to 20kHz +/–0.2dB –3dB at 5Hz and –3dB at 70kHz DISTORTION Typically <0.05% THD at rated power 0.2% THD and IM worst case prior to clipping CURRENT OUTPUT 40A short duration peak per channel Fuse protected SLEWING 50V/µs HUM & NOISE 90dB belo
  8. Or are you talking about the input of the Leben?
  9. I'm really confused. The Leben runs into an AUX on the back of the Exposure 2010S2. So I gather the Zin is the value of the AUX input in ohms? (on the Exposure?). Is this any help? Power Output (Stereo) : 75 Watts per channel at 1KHz into 8 Ohms. Input Sensitivity : 1V, gain + 24dB. Input Impedance : >18K Ohms. Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20Khz ± 0.5dB. Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.02% at 1KHz, rated power. Signal to Noise : >110dB, A weighted, ref.
  10. This just arrived today. I don't know much about them but I have read some good things. I think I may need a step up transformer as it doesn't have much gain. It sounds very nice so far though. The cart is a modified Grado Prestige Blue 2. It was modified way up north by @cafe latte (Chris) thanks mate. He has removed the standard cantilever/needle and replaced it with one from a Audio Technica AT150MLX. Not sure what the tip is, Microline maybe, can't remember. Anyhow all sounding nice.
  11. Yep 200w/ch into 8 ohms, 280w/ch into 4 ohms.
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