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  1. That's a lotta gear for the money. I'd wish you good luck with the sale but you shouldn't need it
  2. it has really made me realise the impact of a room on things like soundstage. My soundstage has remained very consistent regardless of gear in its current room, but when I took it elsewhere and listened in a totally differently shaped room, the result was incomparable
  3. I've only heard a good, 3D, deep and high soundstage on one occasion. I was intoxicated by it and its the thing i seek most to replicate in my own setup. Unsuccessfully.
  4. Colour me interested. Were these from a published design or did you design them yourself?
  5. Some rear surrounds that will do some service upfront after an impromptu sale of my VAFs 19mm stringy bark flooring used for the cabinets, patched using auto body filler, couple of coats of high fill primer and gloss white on top and sides.
  6. This is not correct, as many have said previously. A better amp will provide better sound and in some cases transform the speakers themselves. You have set aside budget for the amp which is wise and will demonstrate what other members have been saying. Best course of action from here, as previously suggested, is to listen to some potential contenders, driven by quality amplification.
  7. Always an exciting time. Plenty of hours left but being so close is its own motivation
  8. Item: Streamer/Ripper Price Range: circa $2k Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for an Antipodes DX2 or Innuos Zen Mk2 streamer or similar. Needs streaming and ripping capability, min 1Tb storage, roon core and end point functionality. If there are none on the market I'll pursue the Zen Mini Mk3 for similar money
  9. Yeah I'd love some but very hard to come by. Anyhoo, enough of my off topic questions
  10. Have you been tempted by the M3 Sapphires at all?
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