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  1. Thank you all for your interesting responses. Given a reference to the BBC, it is possible these late 301s were destined for the ABC or commercial stations.
  2. I got it about 12 years ago at a deceased estate garage sale of radio repair shop related items in Narrandera, in a small country town about 2 hours west of Canberra. I had not pulled it from the box until recently and because of some packaging material, did not realise the platter was still in the box. I spent many hours searching for the platter and had even gone online to see how much one would cost............I was quite relieved when I found it but as you see, it is not the standard one.
  3. Here is a similar platter for sale on Ebay........pity there is no description https://www.ebay.com.au/i/363433151363?ul_noapp=true
  4. Here are a few images of the 301...........can take more if required
  5. It does not appear to be a refurbished 301. Although the box is not in great condition, the packets of bits and pieces as well as several packets of silica gel, the booklet and strobe disc were in the box. The inspection stamps are also on the underside of the chassis and the rivets holding the faceplates seem original. The original mat was also in the box but in a sad state; slightly perished and hardened. Had hoped to post some pictures but dealing with a water crisis at the moment so will have to do it tomorrow. Thanks for your interest and help
  6. It is an oil bearing and the face plates are black with silver letters. Will post some pics later today.
  7. Hi I have a NIB silver hammertone 301 which according to it's serial number (82074), was made around September 1965; this would have been very near the end of 301 production. The platter in the box is also silver hammertone but it is lighter than the platter on other 301s I have and is a different shade of silver. It is the same diameter (300mm) and 265mm internally across where the idler runs; however, the thickness of the lower wall is only 3mm and the upper platter around 9mm. Would appreciate any advice as to whether this is a late or special version of platter.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Am I correct in assuming the Nichicon KGs can be used for PS and output. In the attached images PS is grey cap.
  9. Sorry. The caps are 5000uf. Measurements are PS 60 X 40 & coupling 60 x 30. Existing caps are radial with solder lugs and are held in with a strap around the three. Budget is not an issue but don't want to spend more than necessary and sourcing from OS is OK. Will take a pic if needed. PS is probably ok but one coupling cap has a hum so thought it best to change all three.
  10. I am replacing the 500UF capacitors in my B & O Beomaster 4000. Two are couplings to the speakers (70v) and the other is in the PS (80). I know I can replace them with higher rated caps; problem is finding suitable ones from the offerings from Aussie suppliers. Very few suppliers listings indicate whether a particular cap or series is suitable for audio of PS filtering or both. There are so many series of caps from different manufacturers, it becomes quite confusing. I don't want the best there is - just good quality caps that will do the job without breaking the bank. Question is how do
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