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  1. I'd like to apologise to the OP for the fact we have derailed this thread. Time to stop guys.
  2. Try here https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/drive-units-1.html?cat=268 not cheap though.
  3. Mil spec stuff costs a fortune so boards are replaced and the unserv board repaired and put back into store as a serviceable part. And yes I work on components that small. I replace j leg i/c etc. I could replace parts on those PCBs in the above pictures.
  4. I am able to and do, however I do not work in what could be called a normal service environment. That is all I can say without having to kill someone
  5. I work to component level and have to be certified every 2 years for SMD replacement techniques.
  6. Ahh yes a while ago now, but the screen proved unreliable.
  7. I want to avoid using an app on a phone, hence the touch screen.
  8. The other option is a touchscreen for my Pi3 and make that into a streamer.
  9. I have a couple of aging SBTs around the house, I am finding that they are being left behind by recent streaming services, so where do I go from the Touch? To overcome this I have a Samsung tablet connected via an 'OTG' adaptor to my DAC. This is ok but I have to stop using it to recharge. I guess basically I am looking for a touch screen streamer with digital output but I don't want to spend too much, up to a max of $1000. Another idea is to find a way of connecting both power and digi out via the same cable. Any ideas? DAC is a Denafrips Ares II.
  10. Does it have a make and/or model number on it anywhere?
  11. I use one of those, they work very well.
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