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  1. What would make it really interesting is Tidal introducing non-MQA hi-res pcm. If they see customers migrating to Qobuz, Apple, Amazon etc stating a preference for native hi-res perhaps this could happen(?).
  2. Haven't really noticed any difference between Tidal and Qobuz, but I typically run both in Roon. My FTTN NBN is compromised due to distance from the node and I only get a bit over 30Mbps, but I haven't experienced these issues. I've used the Qobuz app on Mac, Windows and Android devices. What's the speed of your internet connection? If using Windows maybe make sure you have WASAPI Exclusive mode engaged (what I use on my laptop - Win10, 11'th gen i7/16GB ram, SSD).
  3. That may be a bit different though, if none of the services offer particular albums there may be some particular regional blocking. Or maybe the artists simply don't want their albums available via streaming? I'm talking about albums available on Tidal in Australia but not available on Qobuz AU (though they are available on Qobuz o/s).
  4. Not sure if anyone else has had any luck with submissions for missing albums on Qobuz (submitted using this link I mentioned above: https://airtable.com/shrWFlthbAGjTSuJu )? I haven't, its kind of annoying. There are no albums on Qobuz AU from the Candy Rat label - which has lots of great guitarists - but the albums are available on Qobuz elsewhere and Tidal. I submitted another half dozen requests today, but this sucks.😟
  5. I've held off on commenting on the EtherRegen to make sure things were settled, but also because I made some other system changes which have muddied my impressions. The etherRegen replaced a generic D-link DGS 1008A 8 port switch located in the corner behind my equipment - ethernet wall socket wired with Cat 5e back to the Telstra NBN FTTN modem. My current system is configured thus: Etherregen powered by Uptone JS2 LPS's 2nd output, 12V setting 2012 Mac Mini server (headless, Roonserver/HQPlayer) with Uptone MMK DC adapter/fan kit, powered by Uptone JS2 LPS's
  6. I added a Gieseler Kraftwerk Dual to my system earlier this week. Clay was great to deal with. He built my PSU, shipped it next day (Friday) from QLD and I received it Monday in VIC. Try getting that sort of service from an O/S supplier! I already had an Uptone JS2 dual LPS powering my ultraRendu and an iFi usb device. The JS2 was excellent, but I wanted to move the it to server/etherRegen duty, so another dual LPS was the obvious choice. The JS2 and Kraftwerk II offer the same voltage options and both utilise CLC filtering, though the Kraftwerk has an external EI transf
  7. Jay Z sold his stake in Tidal, so no need to apologise.
  8. Yes. Actually both Audirvana and Roon sound better in my system via Ethernet, with Roon sounding best (latest versions of both). See my post above. But as I said in that post, nothing is simple with computer audio - not to mention personal taste - so YMMV. 😉
  9. Are you using USB or Ethernet out (to an endpoint) from the Mini? You can have best sound and best ergonomics/features.
  10. I think some very big changes are required just to bring it up to the usability of 3.5. I went back and played around with Audirvana 3.5 and find it a much nicer program to use - and I had nits to pick with 3.5. Bringing up personal playlists (created in Qobuz/Tidal) is diabolical in Studio - unless I'm missing something you have to bring up the playlist editor, select, then manually close the editor/navigator?
  11. Hmm, two software updates for Studio (now 1.2.0) but still no option to alleviate the tiny text. I've had a few attempts at using Studio but they've all ended in frustration - a combination of the small text and quirky search, focus and playlist functionality. Not much chatter on this thread, but can't imagine too many are impressed. Some of the GUI choices are very strange. Why would Damien squeeze the setup screen (below) into a quarter of the available space - I find the bottom half of the setup info and the album info in the bottom left illegible without my glasses.
  12. But don't you think Roon is a completely different product? Spotify with lossless would never replace Roon for me. The whole point of Roon is its added curation, integrated local library, server functionality and (not least) focus on audio quality in component integration. IMO Apple/Spotify just aim at simplicity for the masses and they're adding lossless to tick off a feature. One of them integrating with Roon would be interesting, but can't see that happening.
  13. I got a reply from Qobuz customer service. They have a link for reporting catalog shortcomings/requests. I suggest people use it and see what sort of traction it has. "We are always happy to receive our customers' feedback. So as to ask for albums you would like to see in our catalogue, you can contact the catalogue team directly via this link:" https://airtable.com/shrWFlthbAGjTSuJu
  14. I think Audirvana SQ is very good and it can sound better than Roon 1.8 if connecting a computer directly to a DAC via USB. No doubt this is dependent on the computer and the DAC being used. The Native Qobuz app also sounded better than Roon in my setup when going from an LPS powered 2012 Mac Mini to my DAC via USB. However, Roon sounds best when used to an endpoint over ethernet and seems to be optimized for this type of server setup. Once I connected Roon in this manner, to a Sonore ultraRendu endpoint, I found it considerably superior to Audirvana on the Mac connected via USB t
  15. Have you tried Roon? There is a very large gap is usability - huge in terms of linking between artists, discovery and navigation. Part of the problem is Audirvana relies on album data directly from Tidal/Qobuz so is limited in how it presents this. Qobuz for instance is a bit messy with album listings, often including covering artists in the main artist list. Roon sorts all this out and provides chronological album listing - its so much nicer. And still no play-on 'radio' function with Audirvana. There are many other things I wish were included - like the simple
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