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  1. Hello! What is the power rating on this equipment?? Thank You. Joseph
  2. I've got the XL-10 ward for sale or exchange. WTB the 9inch arm if anyone has them for sale or exchange. Thks. Joseph
  3. I've got an AVO CT160 tube tester. Could do a check. But would not recommend putting it back. As an indication either a wrong tube for that kind of load output. Or power supply capacitance is to high. You could check GE422A rectifier tube specification on basic maximum Milliamperes delivery. Versus your amplifier requirement in Milliamperes .
  4. As SME owner, I own the SME 20/2A comes complete with the SME V arm hook to a Lyra Kelos/Delos. Have had this turntable in my collection for the past 10 years. With associated equipment Marantz 7, Mono block Model 9, 8B. Marantz Model 10B. AirTight 211 Mono, AirTight Line Pre 10T, Cary 300B mono Block, SunAudio 300B, Re-Issue Sansui AU111, Mcintosh MC2120 ,C33, MR78. Speakers JBL HartsField, Klipschorn. TurnTables Garrard 301, 401, Thorens TD124 Mk II, Sota Sapphire, Linn LP12, Linn Basik, Michell GyroDec, Lenco L75, Tr
  5. If your wiring terminal is correct, it does not matter if your house hold wiring is old, does not make sense. I have also noted that after paying so much for isolation transformers and Balance transformer the output noise on the EMI meter still reads the same as the mains input. With out the Greenwave contacted. Can any one care to comment???
  6. Congratulation it is a nice pair of speakers. I used to have the Sequel II. The only set back is after 3 to 5 years the front panel need to be replaced. At that time the former agent charge $800 for panel replacement. If it was stored in a air con environment, it will prolong the live time but eventually it will break down. Than there are some people who mention to me that, the new technology the panel have been improved. Sorry to say it does not, cause I have been doing repairs on even the newer models. This happens to all electro static speaker period e.g Qua
  7. I am using 10 different turntables, cartridge used Denon 103, 103R, Lyra Kelos, Hana EL, Audio Technica AT33, Ortofon M20, Gardo Gold Prestige, Ortofon M2 Black. Stanton 681 EEE, Decca London. I play them on rotation 2 TT at a time. All of them have the same out come. Sticky contamination from varies gels, as well.
  8. Yes! That's correct. But less than a year for mine. Very short shelve live.
  9. My only recommendation in using either ZeroDust or DS ST-50 is after using it on the stylus is to clean the stylus again with pad brush with a drop of AT liquid to give it a final clean on the stylus. A little extra work.?
  10. Thanks for the update. I purchase 2 pcs. DS ST50. And I found that the first one was sticky and the second one as well. After a few months it became much more sticky. Thus contamination of the stylus with stickiness than vinyl dust gets collected and you have dirty record groove. With out the use of it, I get better sound with less static like noise. It not only the DS product but other gels as well e.g Dust Buster, Zero have the same problem. I find this has also to do with our environment climate, effects the product. That's why I have posted this findings. To find if
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