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  1. @hugo_wilco Sad to hear you have to part with these. These are one of the best speakers I've ever heard at their price point. GLWTS and good luck with everything else.
  2. Clearly, people either love it or hate it. Me, I switched from a Luxman L-550AX to a Hegel H390 and havent looked back (and I love Luxman).
  3. Hegel amplifiers are tonally neutral, therefore preserving what you "should" like about your speakers character. However, if you heard the B&W with a particular brand or model of amplifier, you may have been hearing the amplifier also, rather than the true colour of the speaker. Therefore, this may be the amplifier to go for.
  4. From experience, the Hegel would be my pick. Keep in mind though you dont get phono stage built-in. The B&W like power, so consider the H190 as a minimum.
  5. This one does sound pretty good I have to say. I love some of the new "versions", others, not so much.
  6. Correct @dbastin. @kishorebs85 contact rom at puremusicgroup.com
  7. Surely the dealer wouldve offered you a respectable trade-in value to upgrade?
  8. Is there a reason why people would be prepared to pay this price when the Australian RRP will be $55 per SACD? MoFi_Software_RRP_Pricelist_27_Aug_21.pdf
  9. And the fact that they admitted they didnt take it seriously??? I assuming they are refunding you for the botched Commonwealth job @cafe latte ?
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