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  1. Ive recently found the Onkyo HT-S7200 system. Anyone had any experience with that? good unit? I quite like the specs will be looking into it further
  2. Hi, im all new to this, but im planning on getting a samsung 37" lcd (la37b650) and i want a decent surround sound system. Originally i was going to get a normal samsung system (the HT-BD1255 but then i was considering buying a ps3 so the blu ray system would be pointless) but then a friend of mine said they arent as good as just getting an amp and buying separate speakers etc. So my question is, is it better to just get a system thats already made or to buy everything separately? I basically want something decent, good bass, that can run xbox 360 and ps3 surround sound and possibly surround sound from a HD Set top box. Any recommendations to systems or components would be very appreciated. I dont want to spend the money and then screw it up by buying stuff. I have a budget of around $1300. Its just for my bedroom, although i do live in a garage, so i would like some power and bass as well as being awesome for gaming. Thanks in advance
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