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  1. Yeah ... some bright spark makes a comparision to the Isotek entry level cable .... great work !!!
  2. Yep .. one upmanship at its finest. I am still waiting for someone's justification for making a comment "XYZ cables are no good".
  3. What was the basis for this person making this comment about Isotek power chords?
  4. Many people find that the ceiling actually contributes more than it appears.
  5. For casual listening and ability to coordinate multi-room music, IMHO it is the best system available.
  6. Hey I agree with you .... I was playing dumb. I have and I know that certain people on this forum are self-appointed experts and whoa betide anyone who contradicts them.
  7. @reactor_au I am all for room treatment ... and whoa you certainly have a lot on those side and rear walls. I cannot comment whether this is optimal but did you ever consider the ceiling too?
  8. As TS is a canny businesswoman, perhaps she thinks she might capture people's longing for a sense of nostalgia. Interesting move nonetheless.
  9. I just updated my Roon core (my Windows PC) and my Roon Remote (iPad). Both took very little time and apparently without any problems ?
  10. Yes not cheap but worth every cent in my view.
  11. I fitted the Gaia II's to my Paradigm S6 signature speakers AND Gaia III's to my two subwoofers. The difference is significant: bass is so deep and tight that it adds presence to voices and the treble is more refined, with less sibilance. Listening to some music today, I can't believe what a difference they have made. I can thoroughly recommend this as a genuine upgrade and worth every cent.
  12. I got this email too .... that is what alerted me to the upcoming release.
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