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  1. Hi All, Renaissance, DeLane Lea Studios 1973
  2. Hi All, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head - Gorillaz
  3. Hi All, Public Service Broadcasting, The Race For Space / Remixes
  4. Hi All, Just finished watching a Norwegian series, Home Ground. It is a drama about Helena Mikkelsen's (Ane Dahl Torp) struggle to make it as Europe's first female coach for a men's team in the National Premier league in Norway. Having been a top coach in the female league, she is asked to coach newly promoted club, Varg following the coach having a stroke at the first practise session of the season, and the club's manager watching her interviewed on television as coach of a female team about to contest the European Women's Championship. There are also the problems of overcoming being a female coach of a men's team, being a single mother and a newcomer to a small parochial community.
  5. Hi All, Head Like A Hole - Nine Inch Nails
  6. Hi All, Lulu, Lou Reed and Metallica
  7. Hi All, The Alan Parsons Project, Pyramid
  8. Hi All, Last night I was listening to Practice Makes the Master 3 - Binaural Space, Name Your Price at Bandcamp
  9. Hi All, The Alias Sessions by Murcof
  10. Hi All, "F" is for Flowers, Icehouse
  11. Hi All, I remember you posting about 4-5 weeks ago that you had never fully heard this album, your thoughts now, and if you enjoy it you will also enjoy "Wish You Were Here", many say it is a better album than DSOTM, it is a matter of personal opinion, but but crystalize the mid 70s well. Bowie, Never Let Me Down. Bowie thought it was his worst album and it dated very quickly due to mid / late 80s overuse of drum machines and poor synths, the 2018 release had all but the vocals stripped from the original tapes and the original music replaced by guitar and orchestral style strings.
  12. Hi All, Public Service Broadcasting, The War Room
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