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  1. New Cooter Boogie: Southern Culture On the Skids
  2. Y is for Young, Neil: Dead Man soundtrack
  3. W is for Wood, Ronnie and Bo Diddley: Live At The Ritz https://www.discogs.com/Ronnie-Wood-Bo-Diddley-Live-At-The-Ritz/master/308154
  4. S is for Steve Reich https://www.discogs.com/Steve-Reich-Kronos-Quartet-Pat-Metheny-Different-Trains-Electric-Counterpoint/release/2772852
  5. When Do I Get To Sing "My Way": Sparks (please no Frank Sinatra!)
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/21/richard-h-kirk-was-prolific-hungry-angry-and-funky-to-the-end Of interest, Chris Watson went on to become a much awarded field sound recordist https://chriswatson.net/ < Watson was a founding member of the influential Sheffield based experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Since then he has developed a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals and habitats from around the world. As a freelance composer and sound recordist Watson specialises creating spatial sound installations which feature a strong sense and spirit of place. His television work includes many programmes in the David Attenborough ‘Life’ series including ‘The Life of Birds’ which won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Factual Sound’ in 1996, and as the location sound recordist for the BBC series ‘Frozen Planet’ which also won a BAFTA Award for ‘Best Factual Sound’ (2012). > < Electronic Sound: Field Recording – A beginner’s Guide July 30, 2021 » Permalink: Electronic Sound: Field Recording – A beginner’s Guide electronicsound.co.uk/shop/p/issue-79 We are investigating the fine art of Field Recording in the latest issue of Electronic Sound and we have a superb double CD – more than two hours of brilliant music – to accompany the magazine. So what’s the allure of capturing the sounds of the world around us? Why do people do it? How do they go about it? And what do they do with their recordings? We’ve talked to many of our most innovative field recordists for this month’s cover feature, including Haiku Salut, Erland Cooper and Langham Research Centre. We meet one-time Cabaret Voltaire man Chris Watson, a leading practitioner of the art for decades, and Simon Fisher Turner has some great tips for anybody who is just starting out. > regards Ian
  7. There She Goes: Paul Revere and The Raiders
  8. M is for Maghrebi Jazz: Jah Wobble and Momo
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