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  1. What you are pointing at operates the auto return. They should move freely but over time the grease solidifies. so you need to take apart, clean off the old grease and then re lube and it should work fine.
  2. Sorry to hear that I hope you get on top of it quickly
  3. You would be amazed at the sound quality you can get from this format. I still use a Sony ES cassette deck with a seperate Teac AN180 Dolby noise reduction and when I record from digital files playing back has an fantastic sound quality. I use these mix tapes for background music when we entertain, they just have a nice easy going sound to them. i’m still after an end game deck for my system pm me if you have one 😊
  4. I would say it would be a down grade. you cannot underestimate the importance of a streamer. I had the original Aires Femto and that was good but when I replaced it with the G1 it was a huge improvement on sound quality using the same DAC.
  5. Hello, I would like to take this please if it’s still available I’ll send yo a PM today Thanks
  6. That is a shame and now has left a bit of a hole in the industry As Marc said, watch this space...... I hope
  7. Mmmm, I sell and program a lot of the Elites, I hope this is not true.
  8. Hello, if you don’t want to ship I would like to take these please
  9. I think with these you just push them in to reveal the hole to put the lead in I’m sure they have a spring action
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