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  1. How can you not include Goodbye Tiger? I have most of his albums, unfortunately a few were worn-out by the record players I could afford in my teens and don't sound so good anymore. I hope oneday they will have a boxed set based of the original recordings but I suspect it will be a DDA conversion. My top 4: Goodbye Tiger Prussian Blue Dark Spaces The Great Escape
  2. Despite having a couple of $,$$$ Swiss watches to choose from I seem to be wearing my Series 2 an awful lot. The car stereo in my Company Car only has line in and the watch seems to be very convenient for controlling music, plus the ability to quickly determine which of the 2000+ emails I get every day I need to get my phone out and look at make it very useful.I bought it on a whim duty free thinking it would not be as useful as it turns out to be. I will probably buy the V3 as well.
  3. Yes please do this. Many an ordinary sounding system from the 80's could be improved just by doing that - unfortunately at the risk of annoying the Lady of the House.
  4. If it's a highly compressed recording from the late '80s - Turning the volume up seems to help but generally PleasantSounds is right and the 'Source is the most important component' gang win their argument here - @#$! in = @#$! out.
  5. Great price for one of these. Not for power users but plenty of oomph for web browsing, email, presentations etc. GLWTS
  6. I cannot believe this has not sold yet. This is a fantastic amp for that money.
  7. Apple in their wisdom don't support this directly. There are a few plugins that will allow you to play .flac directly on OS/X but I'm not aware of anything on Windows.
  8. Sorry to hear about this as these moments are massively disappointing. I expect you can sue the delivery agent for negligence and win (but the costs and time may not be worth it) but should check with the seller to see what arrangement can be made.
  9. The view from Ela Beach, Port Moresby tonight. Usually enough to cheer me up but not today. The building being constructed is called APEC Haus and will host next years APEC forum, which is going to be a security nightmare for anyone living in my building. They knocked down a water slide the kids used to play on to build this, something I couldn't see being done in Australia. It's a shame as I'd take the happy sounds of kids playing over construction noise any day!
  10. Happy to not be in Australia right now. This would do serious damage to my bank account even though I know I'm nowhere near a good enough player for an instrument of this quality. GLWTS!
  11. One of my favourite bands and Walter Becker was a really good musician. Gone far too early.
  12. Well this would meet my needs perfectly. I need to see when I can get to BNE.
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