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  1. Just wandering if the RP8 is still for sale? Cheers
  2. Count me in for the classical and the jazz Andrew
  3. Thanks for the contacts lazenby and cheekyboy. Andrew
  4. Looking for a turntable repairer in the Central Vic area, if not Melbourne. I have two dual turntables that require some attention. 1. A dual 1212 that starts slow. After about 10mins it at normal speed. 2. A dual 1019 and the manual - start - stop lever gets stuck. Just wanted to know if these players are worth repairing. Andrew:confused:
  5. Classical music is a very personal experience. Two pieces that have had an influence on many people include: 1. Dvorak Symphony No 9 from the new world 2. Beethoven Symphony No 9 Choral. Both these 2 pieces came in at 1 and 2 in a recent ABC classic survey. Chicago symphony website has the following link to an educational session of Dvoraks New world. http://www.cso.org/beyondthescore/downloads.html Regards aalewis
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