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  1. Item: Quad Elite Int - 80W/ch integrated amp Location: Adelaide Price : $500 Item Condition: 10/10, excellent condition Reason for selling: No longer need, moving house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer Extra Info: This is a cracker of an amp, 80W into 8ohms, three inputs, tape loop & pre-outs, all single ended, and an additional proprietary Quad link input for Elite CDP. It looks great, is small (but very solid with case being solid alloy), and delivders a typical British amp sound Originally purchased from an Austra
  2. Item: SVS PB-2000 Location: Adelaide Price: $950 + postage (if required) Item Condition: Excellent, like new condition Reason for selling: Wife not happy with the size Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Postage: PayPal, bank deposit, buyer pays for postage (can get estimate on PM) Extra Info: Purchased 26/07/2015 (with 5 year warranty) Pictures:
  3. I still have the boxes but I never posted something this big before. I'm happy to post if there's no interest in Adelaide.
  4. Thanks for the ideas/suggestions guys! I'd love to keep it but the missus won't budge
  5. Hi, Only just purchased it from deephzaudio (received yesterday!) but unfortuntely the wife isn't happy with the size. Still have the boxes and comes with 5 years warranty. Adelaide pickup $1000 Thanks Tuan
  6. Hi, Located in Adelaide, but happy to pay for shipping. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm in Adelaide, looking for a SVS subwoofer, sealed or ported. Thanks
  8. Can't even buy it from the other place (well its not on the sale list) so must be sold out Damn!
  9. How do we know if we reserved a spot for one of these? I PM'd you before but haven't received any confirmation yet.. Thanks
  10. Good to see the game arrived (well apart from the postman)
  11. I got Assassin's Creed for sale in excellent condition : $50pp
  12. Both TV's have inbuilt tuners..seems like my tv is only having this poor signal..could it possibly be due to the turner itself? But yeh I'll have a proper look at the cabling/connections to see it helps.
  13. When I'm watching my TV (in my bedroom) I sometimes get bad picture (picture break-up??) I don't know but it only happens on my tv. The tv in the lounge doesn't have the same problem (different tv but same channel). Is it my tv that's causing the problem? Or could it be my antenna? The tv is Sony 32"D. Here's a few example pictures I took on my crappy mobile..
  14. 1. Is there no sound at all? Or sometimes it cuts out? I have a problem where the sound completely cuts off while watching TV (doesn't matter what channel coz when I change it to different channel, there's still no sound). Only way was to turn of the TV and then turn it back on..only happened twice so far..should I be worried? 2. I experience the same thing as you. The 7 Guide is all distorted as well as the small TV image. Though I own a 32"D..
  15. Wow great price! Interested to see if anyone else can get it for a similar price?
  16. I got a 32"D and when I watch digital tv I seem to experience picture break up (I think that's what its called). Anyone else get it often? Or could it be my tv? Or antenna? Coz I don't think its the broadcast coz I asked my friend if they experienced it during a show and they said they didn't whereas I did..(she owns a 42" Panasonic 7A). Can anyone help? Cheers
  17. I also got a 32D3100 and I'm not used to the slow changing of channels Heck turning the tv on itself takes a while already...
  18. Hi Is there a particular build date that fixes the buzzing noise? Or make it more quieter? I've got the 7A and was making buzzing noise (loud enough to find it annoying) and got it swaped over for a new one..not the new one is buzzing louder then the first one! Not sure if I should get another replacement or ring panasonic? I've read it's normal on these panasonic plasma's so maybe there's no point of getting a replacement?
  19. Sorry to bring up an old thread But is the buzz noise normal or not? I've got a 42"7A and it makes a buzzing noise; loud enough that I can hear it while sitting on the couch..and even at night! Its so annoying Does this happen to all their plasma's? Or the level of buzz noise depends on what room its in?
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