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  1. Special EFX Vinyl Record Collection For Sale (Individually priced or buy the lot for $130 including postage anywhere in Australia) 1. Special EFX: Modern Manners GRP VIJ-6452 LP, Dig 11191838 Record sealed in cover so never played. Cover has deletion saw cut on bottom right corner otherwise looks perfect. R M C VG+ $20 2. Special EFX: Confidential GRP GRP-9581-1 LP, Album, DMM 1284002 Still sealed in factory shrinkwrap. Never played. R NM C NM $20 3. Special EFX: Slice Of Life GRP GRP-A 1025 LP, Album 1721390 Record has a couple of paper scuffs from t
  2. Hi Craig Sticky Fingers OZ and Black and Blue Japan sold to you. Will send you a pm. Cheers Andrew
  3. Blues / Prog Vinyl LP Record Sale. 1.Otis Spann - Otis Spann (Archive Of Folk Music, Everest Records Archive Of Folk & Jazz Music) LP, R VG+ C VG+ $25 2.Sonny Rhodes - I Don't Want My Blues Colored Bright (LP, Album) Label:Advent (3) Cat#: 2808 R VG+ C VG+ $30 3.Slim Harpo - Tip On In (LP, Album, RE)Label:Excello, ExcelloCat#: LP-8008-SO1, 8008 SO-1 R VG+ C VG+ $35 4.Sleepy John Estes ‎– The Legend Of Sleepy John Estes Label: Delmark Records ‎– DS-603 LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo USA R NM C NM $40 5.Eddie Shaw (2) - Movin' And Groovin' Man (LP)Label:Isabel RecordsCat
  4. I agree Discogs is pretty good. A lot of the LPs I buy don't have barcodes so I tend to find I still have to look things up anyway. I have found the Collectorz search works very well in the app which is what I require the most as I am often searching to see if I have some of the songs already on different compilations or other LPs. Discogs is of course free (Collectorz costs an annual subscription) and you can't beat the connection to the marketplace values.
  5. I have used Collectorz for a number of years. Yes it does cost however the advantage is that the software is regularly updated. Discogs is great too and has the added advantage of being able to provide a market value of your collection. I find the Collectorz app far superior to the Discogs app and this helps when I am out and about hunting for records. For people with large collections I think it is worth the investment. I am able to sync from my laptop to the apps so that my collection is always with me. It doesn't mean I avoid duplicates compl
  6. I just use a record cleaner spray ‘Melody Mate’.
  7. I use this method. Spray a bit of record cleaner on the surface of the Magic Eraser. Lower gently. Repeat if stylus is very dirty. It works very well and is totally safe providing you follow the wise advice of audiofeline and never drag the needle across the Magic Eraser. Another tip: Make sure your supply of Magic Eraser is hidden as they are also great for cleaning bathroom tiles and other household chores and you don't want them back after that. They are cheap and I reuse mine until the surface becomes spotty with dirt although technically you can wash the dirt off but they are
  8. Hi Rodders I found this guide which was updated earlier this year. It seems finding record shops in Tokyo is not too hard.... :-) http://mostly-retro.com/2016/10/03/the-biggest-guide-to-tokyo-record-stores-on-the-internet/
  9. Yes like most things in 2018! Much better to collect the originals I reckon.
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