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  1. Of course! what about Joan Baez. Bob would probably not even be on this list if it not for her
  2. Agree Keith, plenty of great women to consider. I’ve only recently discovered Lucinda (I know, I know). Carole King Nina Simone Joni Mitchell of course
  3. I haven't read the entire 56 pages, can you point me to the measurements showing the second-oder harmonics?
  4. It's fine, they've had 54 pages of free advertising, I don't feel too sorry for them
  5. Good point. As I think about it I realise I don’t fully understand the implications. I might start a new thread about it (once I sort out in my own mind what I think I don’t understand). Thanks for making me think about this 👍
  6. If JA had measured into lower loads he would have seen what hifinews found which is that the (dynamic) power drops as the load goes below 4 ohms. is this a “high current” amp? Not sure really. Dynamic power (<1% THD, 8/4/2/1ohm) 1640W / 3130W / 1790W / 960W / https://www.hifinews.com/content/rotel-michi-m8-mono-power-ampiifier-lab-report
  7. I’m not even sure what “won’t drive speakers” means? I have zero doubt that the amps will produce sound when driving 3 ohm speakers. All I’m trying to say is that if you want the best sound from a hard to drive speaker you should drive it with an amp that is designed to drive hard to drive speakers. In any event, I think that’s a red herring in this case. As are DACs, cables and power conditioning. But if the OP has fixed a peaky speaker response with USB cables who am I to argue?
  8. It’s hard to know where the OP ended up on this. He seems to watch the thread closely but almost never updates us ☹️
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