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  1. you are cheeky, Parsecs...... But thanks for the vote of confidence . .... I'll assist if I can .
  2. oh my.... I've used my quotient of resilience for this fortnight..... I'll tackle this sometime down the road. thanks
  3. I did a "clean" install yesterday. Well at least I thought it was as all the previous information from before was still there once the install was completed. I took on board this from one of your previous posts: - on M1's the reinstall process is VERY different to the Intel instructions on pages 1,2. You you absolutely don't want to erase the entire volume. (You'll brick it). You need good WiFi, as you'll be installing the OS again from Apple's server But it seems I need to do some erasing of the harddrive after further reading on google. I found this link which has the information set out most clearly with diagrams and all <https://osxdaily.com/2021/07/12/factory-reset-m1-mac/> Can you elaborate? thanks
  4. Re preflight: I do my own version, ie all pen and paper. No clouds for me, but I get yeh! thanks thanks
  5. your space looks intriguing, what do you reside in, if you don't mine me asking?
  6. Good advice..... Though not looking forward to doing this again.......It will needs tons of patience and a free afternoon to accomplish. I can see now were it went wrong when I brought the "clean" mac back from the repair/replcemnt of the mudda board and just relied on time machine. But you know I was on the phone to apple support like a shot once the problem appeared again. And they where as useful as a g string in a snow storm Alright, you've convinced me of the usefulness of incremental backup programs........ What is this "pre flight" method never heard of it? ....(maybe have been asleep at the wheel).......tell me more cheers
  7. Thanks for your reply. Haven't tried wiping it yet. (I've called Apple support a number of times with no luck though). Once I've done a Clean install, can I get all the account info and old emails from the time machine backup, or should I make a back up with SuperDuper and use that to reinstall the accounts, email etc? Since the parent using the Mac Mini is going blind; I've increased the point size of the type and the pointer of the mouse itself. And in Apple's Mail Program Ive done the same. I wonder if that could be causing the intermittent "hanging" of the computer.....? thanks
  8. Further information: one for all the train enthusiasts. Very rare 1930's General Electric wall clock. Model 1F/412 in metal. Tested working ( I can send a video of it working) Clock face is 12" (300mm) diameter . Photos:
  9. Further information: Original Daybill poster of a classic film Please look at pics as to condition. Photos: .
  10. Further information: Tutto Fellini Film retrospective Film poster from the 80's In above average condition for it's age. 640mm by 790mm tall Photos:
  11. Further information: Isotek EVO3 C13 1.5m long Power Cable Essentially new. I still have the box it came in.... if that's important. Photos:
  12. I've been so unimpressed with the M1 mini I bought an elderly parent to use for surfing the internet and email. The amount of "hang ups" with the pointer and freezes has been beyond a joke. The M1 mini went to be repaired. The mother board was replaced and still the same. Oh and it hasn't been any faster than the Imac 5.1 running 10.6.8 it replaced. my 2 cents worth
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