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  1. I was hoping to crack it open with a mate, but our current lockdown in Sydney has halted that plan in its tracks. Perhaps I should sample it on my own…
  2. A lovely example @BLAH BLAH Interestingly the AU-888 is actually an updated AU-999 in terms of circuit topology - it is a newer amp and was the TOTL model in that series at the time. It addresses the issues with the original preamp circuit design that so many AU-999 owners have addressed when restoring their amps. As you've said, they are quite rare, and the photos of the internals tell a lot regarding where the amp has been stored. This unit looks very clean and devoid of significant corrosion. One thing to note, the 888 isn't a cap-coupled amp (apart from
  3. It’s been interesting to see how my palate has shifted towards peated whisky. It didn’t start off that way, that’s for sure! I’ve had some sensational peated sherry-cask whiskies recently which are just lovely and have really floated my boat. In contrast, I was left a bit flat by a pour of GlenDronach Allardice 18 yo which really surprised me… I reckon I would have lapped it up a couple of years ago!
  4. Bought myself a little present last week.
  5. Yes, I think considerable first-hand liquid research is required to reach an informed position!!
  6. Yeah, chill filtration is a rather polarising and often controversial process - some swear it's an issue, and some aren't so convinced. I've had some whiskies which have a quite different mouthfeel and texture than others, and they've been non-chill filtered, but they are also typically a higher ABV (and thus less dilution when bottled). Is the mouthfeel attributed to the non-chill filtration or the lower dilution, or is it inherent in the spirit distillation and subsequent barrel ageing of certain brands (or variations of product within a brand)? Good questions! Ralfy
  7. Nice one!!! Looks like a 2020 version or earlier which is good. There's been some recent discussion (dare I say "controversy?") regarding Glendronach removing the labelling for non-chill filtration from their latest bottles. GlenDronach Is Now Chill-Filtered… But Why? | LaptrinhX / News
  8. Yeah, I personally wouldn't be driving a Skoda right now if I wasn't able to secure one as a leaseback vehicle. That said, on a positive note, I'll be going back for a second Superb Sportline 206TSI wagon when my current lease expires at the end of the year - it's still ticking all of my boxes.
  9. Yeah, it's supposed to be pretty decent indeed! I snaffled this bottle with a 10% discount which made it slightly more palatable. I'm also being a little more strategic with certain purchases these days. I have a good mate who lives about a 2 minute walk from me, who is a fellow whisky lover. We're keeping an eye out for interesting bottles and going halves (or taking turns purchasing) and saving them for joint consumption between the two of is. It's working out nicely thus far, and gives us a diversity of whisky to drink whilst buffering the hit on the wallet!
  10. They've been my go-to for numerous components for over a decade now - particularly TV wall mount brackets. 10+ transactions and all have been perfect.
  11. I've added one of these mics to two pairs of over-ear headphones for my sons for gaming and general listening purposes - a pair of Presonus HD9 (Audiotechnica clones) and a pair of Neewer NW-3000 cheapies). The mic quality is excellent, and you can mix and match with whatever headphones suit your preferences and budget. I reckon the M40X would be a nice little combo indeed. The only thing to bear in mind is that this kind of setup limits you to a 3.5mm TRRS connection - USB need not apply. This shouldn't be an issue for most laptops I suspect. Buy Audio-Technica ATGM2 D
  12. Hello my leeetle cask-strength friend!
  13. The specs are shown in the original classifieds listing which is included in the first post
  14. Now come on @TerryO, you can't go posting these kinds of pics without a pre-emptive warning!!
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