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  1. Thanks RanTan for your resonse. Kind Regards JP
  2. Thanks every one for your responses and thoughts. I have a Technics SL-T212 TT and was wondering if this will improve the over all sound. Kind Regards. JP.
  3. Hi All, I have seen a few SNT member who have Turn Table use the Puck or Weight on the LP. How does this help, does it effect the sound in any way, and can this be used on any TT be direct drive or belt. Thanks for your response Kind Regards JP
  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for sharing on how to fix the volume control on a Marantz amp. I have the same issue but I use the remote control, now that you have shared this info I will try to fix this. Kind Regards, VJJP.
  5. Hi Thejt, Thank for your responce, sorry for the delay, was busy with work load, will look into this. Thanks once again. Regards JP
  6. Thanks Moderators, I have a Sony 55 ES connected to Dali Concept 8 front, this is a 2 Ch power amp, and since I don't have a preamp I have connected Foxtel,4 optical out to a small DAC and RCA out to a selector and RCA out from the selector to a volume control that I got from Jaycar, and hence I need a pre/amp or processor so that I can connect other sources and use the remote control to change sources. My budget is not much but looking from $500 to $800 and I don't mind second hand as well. Kind Regards Jude.
  7. Hi All, I am looking for a pre-amp or a processor with remote, could you please recommend, i don't mind used as well.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have an issue with Deck 1, the cassette is spinning fast, no issue in Deck 2, could any one advise as what is wrong and how to fix this issue. Your advise is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards JP.
  9. Thanks mloutfie and dimo for your quick response. I have located the pots and 45 RPM pot has dropped of the PC, is it possible to get only the speed PC so that I can swap them over.
  10. Hi All, The above turntable was given to me and was not turning, however I got this fixed, but the guy did not do a good job and now only 33 RPM works, 45 RPM turns out of control, does any one know who can fix this or sell parts. I live in Sydney's West, your help is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards. JP
  11. I have this issues, not in my speakers but when the fan is on in the night (during the summer time) I had to replace one of pedestal fan in the bed room and I could here this noise. Regards JP
  12. Hi All I am thinking of upgrade my Yamaha A/V amp RV-X 450,this is connected to Dali Concept 8 & centre speakers and I don't think its doing justice to these speakers. I would like some advice as which A/V amp is best for these speakers, your response is much appreciated. Kind Regards VJJP.
  13. Hi All Sorry for the late reply, I have been away, thanks to every one for your responce. I am tossing up with either getting a pair of floor standing speakres or pull the plug on the second am, will keep you all posted. Regards VJJP.
  14. Thank you very much for all your help, I make sure both amps are not turned on at the same time. I will have to find a way to either get a switching devise or another pair of speaker.
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