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  1. Still dropping out, it’s connected by Ethernet, when I control the music using Tidal on my iPhone, the Stream intermittently disappears as an output device. I have it switched to 3, for dedicated Tidal. have updated the firmware. Will start a ticket with Ifi.
  2. Ok, working seamlessly now. No drop outs, and the tidal app has stopped glitching.
  3. Ok i've updated the firmware. I had the tidal program open on my pc which might have been effecting it. See how we go from now.
  4. It sounds excellent. 1 issue i'm getting is it stops playing. I'm using my iphone to control it. The ifi is connected to the modem with a lan cable. It keeps dropping out and my phone doesn't see the ifi for a bit, then it reappears. Bit annoying, but no doubt something that can be trouble shot (shooted?).
  5. It sounds great. It already did, but I’m quickly convincing myself the treble is way cleaner. muse Madness, it so smooth. It might be the wine talking, but damn I love my stereo!
  6. I guess there may be slightly clearer separation of sounds if that makes sense, i noticed a background noise in the first song i listened to that i haven't noticed before. Cymbals sounds like that have a little more shimmer to them or something. I think the treble is a bit cleaner. "Better than" by Lake Street Drive, her voice has a sweetness i find alluring (insert gagging vomit sounds here). TBH, just having control of the stereo from my phone is enough of a win for me to be happy with the purchase. Hmm, it did just disconnect and start playing through my phone when i changed songs though. Easy enough to change the output device back though.
  7. Stream received today, plugged it in, pretty quick setup and running control on my phone tidal app - you just select the ifi stream. Nice not to have to muck around with the keyboard and tv screen to change songs So far sounds good, I think it sounded good before so i'll try and do some critical listening at some point, but i'm shyte at that... i need to turn the little selector switch to tidal only, apparently it shuts down all other programs to reduce noise. not sure if that makes much differnece in reality, will see.
  8. keen to see some pics pistachio, maybe you can start your own build thread to keep us updated?
  9. Hmm, helps a bit, but not inaudible. What a frustrating evening. The hiss is wrong, it's way too loud there's something going on. The resistor brings it down a bit, but it's still clearly audible from both the CD and the woofer (and the woofer's only around 88db? from memory?. I don't know what's going on, i used the same model amp for my son's bookshelf 2 way and they're dead silent. Something could be shorting, or maybe they're faulty? But that said i hooked the CD up to my main system amp and the hiss is here too. Maybe the little class D amp needs all the peripheral cables plugged in, could something be creating noise because it's not connected? Spent an hour trying to get the computer to recognize the DSP control module, no luck so was unable to play around with any crossover/volume balancing of the drivers. Some nights nothing goes right. I'll try plugging the CD into my main system amp again using the resistor and see if it's still hissing as much. I have no idea how to trouble shoot this otherwise.. Am definitely going to bed with the shits.
  10. Now i'm going to plug that resistor onto the CD and see how it sounds on the faux baffle i drummed up. Fingers crossed the hiss is mostly inaudible.
  11. Dats3 in my hands, just measured free air parameters on both CD and woofer. Woofer: Compression driver: The CD has a spike in resistance bang in the middle of what i expect to use as a crossover range. I guess IF i go passive on the the crossover, clearly i need to normalise impedance on the compression driver. Is it normal to get an impedance spike right where you want to cross over with tweeters/compression drivers, or is this part of selecting the right driver for the build? CD with waveguide attached, interesting to see the waveguide reduces the resistance spike somewhat: And for fun, the SBA CD without waveguide: And with waveguide:
  12. I had no knowledge, Troels instructions are very clear, the assembly is very straight forward.
  13. Fitzroyalty, I'll chip in with my 2c. I built a set of TG's Faital 3wc 15" speakers at the start of this year. I attended a woodworking BYO project class at MakerSpace in Marrickville Sydney, having very little workshop experience (Tec class in high school 30 years ago..). I took my time planning (with single minded focus for several months) and ended up with cabinets i'm happy with. The other option is a CNC shop can cut everything perfectly as people have mentioned, it might even work out cheaper than paying for workshop time.. I haven't owned high end speakers before, so it's difficult to compare to what you'd get in a retail purchase, however i can say i had no idea what dynamics were previously. I'd hoped the speakers would be a step up in sound, they've exceeded my expectations in every way. Troels is also a gentleman to deal with, when you order a kit, he's available by email to advise you and i always had a reply to any questions within 24hrs. The guy knows his stuff. He doesn't post off axis measurements on his speakers which a lot of DIY guys seem to dislike, but for someone wanting a fully fleshed out design, i think you'd struggle to past one of his more recent designs. The postage cost was horrendous, but then i wasn't building something cheap (a bit north of $5k all in). Big drivers, high efficiency = happy days. That being said, a mate across the hall who runs a recording studio has the new Duntech Princess, phooawwww, they're legit freakin awesome. I think if i build another set of speakers, i'll be looking at sealed bass drivers, inefficient and huge power suckers. The bass on the Duntech is tight well into the low 20's, my Faital's go low, but probably 30hz or so and they start to taper off. This being said, the Duntech's are what $70k? they'd want to knock your socks off. Troels mentioned at the end of his write up for the updated Scanspeak 3wc Mk11, that if he'd had the drivers he put in these at the time he built them, he'd probably have built a lot less speakers. Pretty solid endorsement, they'd be a great little project if you're constrained by space.. Also there are plenty of knowledgeable folks on the forum who are more than happy to give advice if you get stuck, this forum helped me immensely. I'd agree with Brian that one of his more recent builds is probably going to yield the best result, the 10" faital 3wc's he built go lower than the 12's for only slightly less efficiency, they look like a great build too! Let us know what you decide to do, fun fun.
  14. Oooh, classic buy at a great price. Never lose money on these bad boys.
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