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  1. Thanks Maz for the kind words. I ended up buying a 2nd hand Vincent SV-237, which has a tube pre amp and Class A(to 10w)/B power amp section delivering a healthy 150wpc into 8 ohms. It sounds great. This amp gives the bass much more kick (in email discussion with Troels he confirmed he finds higher power amps do something more for even the high efficiency bass drivers). I gave up on the idea of putting an amp together myself, it's beyond my skillset, and frankly I don't think i have the capacity to learn what's required to get a good result there. I need to
  2. Basically complete. A friend’s offered to 3D print a volume control nob (too right of front baffle on left hand speaker) Will be a while though with lockdown. Very happy, they sound good, go loud, and fairly deep for their size.
  3. That feeling when you’ve rolled the paint on evenly, then 20 minutes later trying to have a look, you brush your knuckle on the paint and leave a mark. Then try to fix it only to make the whole thing worse.
  4. Yep, 1 more coat and they’ll be done.
  5. Was March Audio coming out with a Purifi woofer based 2 way? Maybe check that out as an option.
  6. Have used a foam roller, 2nd coat tonight, needs one more (and just enough paint left to get it done). Third coat tomorrow night, and then re-install drivers. last job will be to adjust DSP on the 3.5mm input, I’d tried them out with my son’s drum kit and the bass drum is way too loud whilst the cymbals and snare are too quiet. Will lower the volume of the woofer by 20db or so and bring down the bass with some EQ to try and balance it. oh and I need to limit the power with the dsp, if I let the amp push 100w into these 30w drivers, pretty sure they’d blow! great thing about
  7. Any suggestions on how to do the 2nd/final coat? Should i do a light sand first, I'm thinking that's a good idea as it will 1. give me a bit more purchase with the roller for the 2nd coat so it doesn't slide, and 2 take off any little bumps etc. Will a roller give the best finish or would a brush work well too, seems like the brush will likely leave brush strokes though. Looking forward to finishing these up, fun little project. Next up I'm thinking something like a UE Boom style small battery powered bluetooth speaker with microphone for phone calls. The Wondom amps
  8. Needs another coat, colour looks good.
  9. First coat of Norglass Weatherfast enamel. 16hrs till next coat. aldi had these mini roller kits for $6. Happy days.
  10. Hah, I’ve been called Jorgan plenty of times in fact my previous gamer tag was Janus. you missed Seinfeld? Brutal, well kids will do that, if you knew what you were getting into, you’d probably still do it, but geeze you’d be scared.
  11. Sanded the primer, will apply a second coat tonight if a couple of monkeys ever go to bed. Monkeys…
  12. Hah, i spent a few minutes today trying to decide if i go and buy a cheap laptop from officeworks, and concluded it would be the only reason to have one, and not something i can justify. I already have a long usb cable with the mic (we'll it's 4-5m at least, not sure if you classify that as long). I need a long 3.5mm cable to run REW to the speakers though. funny
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