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  1. Note that the ALO Copper 22 cable that is pictured is not included and that the standard ALO Tinsel cable is included. Happy to work out a deal if required.
  2. Item: FS: (Perth) Campfire Audio Lyra IEM'sLocation: PerthPrice: $750 free shippingItem Condition: As newReason for selling: upgradedPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD OnlyExtra Info: Bought from A2A 2 months ago have just upgraded but to be honest could have lived with these. If they don't sell at the asking price ill keep them as they are too much fun to listen to. Pictures:
  3. Item: (Perth) Astell & Kern Ak100 Location: Perth Price: $250 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling:not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this traded Ak100 from the nice guys at Tivoli a couple of weeks back. Terrific little piece that has inspired me to buy the new model. Price includes shipping however pickup is fine. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/108652-fs-trade-in-astell-kern-ak100-portable-audio-player/ Pictures:
  4. I forgot to mention these come with the optional Cypher cable which sounds pretty sweet and is a massive improvement over the standard iPhone or samsung output.
  5. Audeze Sine with Cypher Cable Location:Perth Price: $525 posted Item Condition: As new not a mark on them Reason for selling: use iem's full time now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from Jaben Perth in March so they still have plenty of warranty. They come complete with all documentation and bits and bobs that came in the box and purchase reciept. They are in perfect condition not a mark onot them and sound ridiculously good for the asking price! Pictures:
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates to those that enquired. This is now sold.
  7. Item: Chord Mojo! Location: Perth Price: $625 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: I have two! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Great little device that I love to bits. I bought this one new from Jaben HiFi not long ago and decided to sell as i have acquired another that is mated to an AK100. Comes complete with sales receipt for balance of warranty Pictures: Soon!
  8. Highly recommended power amplifer people. I'm selling as the valve output on my main source has an unusually high impedance which requires the use of a quality active preamplifier and I cannot afford this. The Naksa will present no issues when paired with 99.9% of other sources using either active or passive preamp devices. I heard this in a mate's system @@rocky500 with a simple passive pre using an Alps blue pot. Clean and beautiful organic sound. Bit depressing really as lowering the impedance on my source is not an option! I asked Hugh regarding increasing the Z input on the Naksa but
  9. Great read fella's sounds like happy times were had by all. @@darth vader nice patch of dirt mate. Is that the sexy end of a 2 door charger I spot there? Or am I hallucinating again?
  10. You are most welcome @@Darren69 I wear my heart on my sleeve these days and proud of it. Just one of the life lessons I have only just learnt in my short yet eventful 39 years! The above taught by those far wiser than me along with art, the art of music, my phone and some half decent headphones have formed a framework for an exciting future!
  11. And more has arrived... After a tumultuous first half to 2016 from a professional and personal standpoint I am now... 1) Back at work full time 2) Residing in a new living space and 3) Listening to my very own HiFi setup again To say I feel privileged is an understatement, by an order of magnitude. It's a fantastic country we live in.
  12. Item: (Perth) Naksa 125 Power Amplifier Location: Perth Price: $2250 inclusive of interstate shipping Item Condition: Perfect and as new only 3 months old and used for less than 20 hours Reason for selling: Madness Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Built by the hand of the man himself, Hugh Dean in Melbourne Victoria. Utterly brilliant sounding amplifier that puts mainstream options to shame. Produces a highly detailed and organic sound signature that is very addictive and enjoyable to listen to! Does not need a passive preamplifier and sounds j
  13. Perhaps mention in the listing that they are In-Ear Monitors.
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