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  1. Hi Sujay,you will have to be an active contributor in the forums for a few posts for this option to unlock itself Join in the conversations of a topic that interests you and all will fal into place And welcome aboard cheers muri
  2. Pretty sure they would have 230v in stock as that’s what they would supply to Singapore market?
  3. Read what option up said australia is 230 volt on paper only,reality is we’re 240 volt you will need to use a step down transformer,or tell them now before it’s shipped you want a 230 volt unit
  4. Make sure they don’t send you 220volt unit
  5. I had my 2 Phizer jabs all well here Marty I have another hum to diagnose once the lockdown is done?😬cheers
  6. Indeed Lockdown syndrome?😁 hope you are keeping well Marty?I see a few Covid tier 1 sites in Berwick yesterday stay safe cheers Muriwai
  7. Linked article is 2 years old hello!!
  8. Joseph 0407979216 may be able to help depending on the area cheers
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