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  1. Hi Simon, have sent you a PM to apologise. Sorry guys, have been quite ill and bedridden for a few days, so wasnt going anywhere! Gutted I missed out, sounds like Si has a great system. P
  2. Quoted as above.. "No offense to the current ADM9 owners, but you now own a pair of inferior loudspeakers. You can blame Ashley and his business partner Martin at AVI for that one." Well, this isnt entirely true. At the end of the day, (amd9 owners) you heard the speakers, you liked them and you bought them as you felt the price represented value. Your speakers havent suddenly become rubbish, its just a better product was released....time and technology marches on At the end of the day, personal finances are too, an up and down matter. The best any consumer can do, is purc
  3. We have to go and listen to HiFiSi's stuff next! He's got some pretty big toys....
  4. luckiestmanalive;127035 wrote: I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long to optimise the speaker positions and that would even up the soundstage and provide more depth. Although its not an ideal room given the glass on one side I'm sure it would still sound pretty good. You can establish a sweet spot for them in the room for serious listening and simply push them back to the wall when you ain't. Also, it would be interesting to compare a dedicated CD player and pre-amp with your DVD one. All in the works Photos along soon as well...
  5. Well, no. If you can measure something, it is definitely there. For example sound on a spectrographic analyser. However, you are right in saying that if someone is using adjectives like smooth, sweet, effortless etc then these could be characterized as generally subjective, or at least open to influence. Although I do believe that these words also have widely agreed upon definitions that are unique to the hifi world...? Such as the definitions that were given for accuracy and musicality before.
  6. Agreed. I always find it both mildly amusing and mildy offensive when such and such retailer or such and such reviewer goes on and on about a speaker and its accuracy and authenticity to the original recording, and how they have "heard this track a thousand times on hundreds of different speakers" so they "know it intimately" and yet when you ask them if they were at the concert, or if they were at the studio when the album was recorded, you are met with blank stares of confusion.... How can you know what it is supposed to sound like, unless you were there?
  7. kiwi_1282001;126974 wrote: Courtesy of Holt, G. H. (1983) Stereophile , July Ed. accuracy The degree to which the output signal from a component or system is perceived as replicating the sonic qualities of its input signal. An accurate device reproduces what is on the recording, which may or may not be an accurate representation of the original sound. musical, musicality A personal judgment as to the degree to which reproduced sound resembles live music. Real musical sound is both accurate and euphonic, consonant and dissonant. We could say, going on from this,
  8. bazza hallward;126961 wrote: When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought as others have here: Accurate is not the opposite of musical - unless you've defined the words that way. A musical system should be an accurate system - especially if it is music you're listening to. For example, if a piece of music sounds boring on one system but good on another, how do we know if it was the music that was boring or the system that was boring? What I mean is that an accurate system is one that should allow the music to speak for itself. Of course that's assumin
  9. Lol, wrote my post at the same time as yours luckiest.....
  10. HiFi Si;126965 wrote: Sorry, sworn to secrecy haha Not at all! Everyone is welcome to give their opinions/thoughts etc thats what the forum here is for Just to clear up any confusion about the gear Jon, we were listening to the Audio Pro DVD-One (source+preamp), Sachem v.2 Monobloc power amps, and Audio Pro Avanti A.100 speakers (these are partially active, with downfiring subwoofers inside). Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on the system and the music, we had about 6 or 7 AudioEnzers there for just over 2 hours, so we got some decent listening in, also thanks to Jo
  11. Low Orbit;126926 wrote: Gidday BD, my understanding on accuracy is that it gives you the album as the engineer intended. Unfortunately the only person that knows how that sounds is the engineer. Even better, as the musician intended. Sometimes the engineers mess it up
  12. michael w;126858 wrote: Or go short intercoonnects/long speaker cables. Naughty, naughty Maybe im just old school.....
  13. Hi Manolo, first session is tonite!
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