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  1. When I worked in the US--our company was heavily into IT/Digital based workflows--we used this on our MACs I still have it installed back here--very efficient and I'd certainly recommend. Willco https://www.clamxav.com
  2. Hmmm-Strange ah well--maybe forces at play there--economically /politically for the company going forward sans the Patriarch 😒 Incidentally similar with Leonard Cohen--I was told by a relative of his daughter in-law he died months before it was public also. Willco
  3. Another one lost--always admired the ProAc Sonics RIP Willco
  4. Nah!- wouldn't class this a "Great Rock Pic"--Fleetwood Mac clowning around in the Studio before Cover Shot for Rolling Stone Magazine Polaroid Lighting test by me😋 Willco
  5. Nirvana Hub Ballroom Seattle 1990 Willco
  6. Sad news died today in a London Hospital RIP Willco
  7. Further information: I have a set of 4 Centre Stage Footers Model CS2 0.8 size 21mm height x38mm width in Excellent condition as shown. Complete with 8 shims for expert unit alignment and stabilising plus factory packaging. This series is suggested for front end units with max weight of 100 Ilbs PreAmp DAC Server CD player /Transports/etc The Footers have established themselves to be a benchmark for product isolation especially with regards to system noise floor- -I am going up their food chain myself! The kudos are many and wide -attached for your perusal. Shipping included in the price . Please ask any questions and thank you. http://www.criticalmasssystems.com/reviews/HIFIplus163 CentreStage HR.pdf https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/critical-mass-systems-center-stage-footer-redefining-performance/
  8. Hello, Kudos on the system and the new venture into Hi End importing. Just to say I am evaluating an Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Fuse I was sent and have had some Audio friends enquiries on my opinion plus local Agent and pricing. I see you have the franchise-you can PM to reply if you wish. Willco
  9. Part of the best live band I've seen--great loss RIP Dusty Willco
  10. I find myself in total agreement here--this combo is oh so close to the CD555--! Top seller buy with confidence-even his Photo skills are showing improvement 😃 GLWTS Willco
  11. I owned the CDX2 Player --it bettered my Sondek CD12 well to my liking anyway. Had the opportunity to get a CD555-to my amazement the CDX was oh so close at almost 1/10th the price. This model for sale is a sonic bargain--period. GLWTS Willco
  12. Yes interesting move--I'd have the Arm if its an "improved" Aro--- nix else Clearaudio doesn't float my boat nor the other bits and bobs Strange bedfellows when Naim could have pulled out all the stops and gone complete in house in an all out assault. Time will tell Willco
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