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  1. Item: Free Price Range: donate to SNA Item Condition: Used Extra Info: been in the shed for a few years. Dusty and need a wipe with a damp cloth. Totally presentable condition. Bose comes with power supply and remote plus a few cables. Work well. Free to a good home. pick up Beaumaris 3193
  2. I have recently aquired a Node 2i from this forum. I had a Node 2 before but sold it on as it didn’t really compete with my Mac Mini/Gieseler setup. I did however miss the BluOS and the ease of Spotify connect without having to engage Mac/Dac etc. the kids especially prefer the Node. After reading about PD Creative and their Low Noise Power Interface upgrade for the Node 2/2i I thought I’d give them a go. Relatively cheap upgrade at $207 AUD delivered. Having been a convert to Gieseler Dacs and his Power supplies I know first hand how improvements in the power supply help. I or
  3. I’ve only seen the Pics of them so far. The Tassie Blackheart Sassafras is a continuous veneer, I can have the light grain or dark on the inside or outsides. This is one coat of clear.
  4. Still going but almost there. Aranmar have designed them to the measurements. I’ll post a full set of finished pics when I have them.
  5. I’ve had a pioneer kuro plasma for years and replaced it with an LG 55E6T around 5 yrs ago. Both still perform perfectly…… with 3 teenage kids watching all day long and normally leaving them on all night etc for years. was thinking of replacing the Oled recently as it lost Wifi(out of warranty)….. but I have an Apple 4K TV for streaming so why bother. The picture still amazes me with 4K, gaming and all, with no signs of burn in that I can see
  6. I had a pair of these from Trevor Lees, one of the few regrets I’ve had in audio was selling them. GLWTS
  7. Hi, I’m about to receive my fathers Yamaha CR 620 receiver. As far as I know it works perfectly but I would like to have it serviced in Melbourne, any suggestions on where?
  8. Hi, I’m about to receive my fathers Technics SL-110 with SME arm. The turntable was refurbished a little in Qld but has since shown to have various speed issues. I’m located in Melbourne and would like some suggestions on where to have it serviced
  9. I think if we uninstall Vic V3.0b and install NSW V1.5 we should be good to go ?
  10. Leaning toward a taller narrower style cabinet vs the normal Tannoy style. Ultimately waiting for Aranmar to come up with a design. They used to make all the Tannoy cabinets for Oz amongst others back in the day
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