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  1. The Helix One surpasses SME easily. In every way. https://dohmannaudio.com/helix-one/
  2. It’s pretty good and it will only get better.
  3. Welcome to Stereonet Tomasz. Tell us about your audio interest?
  4. Decky, you lost a cartridge and some money but they lost their integrity. Theirs is the much bigger loss.
  5. Be firm. They need to take responsibility and be aware that in the event of a no resolution you are free to let others know about their workmanship.
  6. Do you have any information on the new MacBook pro's?
  7. Elson says all things being equal they sound the same. Can you send the link to the 13E1's?
  8. A Cymer KT150 single ended sounds exactly like a 13E1 single ended. Where is the 13E1 stock? Prices?
  9. A Cymer KT150 single ended 25 watt is a much better idea because the 13E1's are near impossible to find. The 10 watt difference shouldn't be noticeable You could also consider two KT150's in parallel single ended for a 50 watt amplifier.
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