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  1. This looks like it's a good option for what I need. Will drop you a message.
  2. Changed my mind! I like the idea of fully integrated speakers and no cables, but... digital technology becomes obsolete really god damn fast, and then what? You've gotta replace the whole lot. I'm an early adopter of Sonos, and have bought loads of their stuff right back to the original ZP100 and CR100 that started it all. So, I know this pain all too well. Also, I'm an idiot... I've got a perfectly excellent Cyrus 6 and Dynaudio excite 12s on light duties in another room. The Cyrus needs repair (few pops and crackles on channel switching and volume change) but it's defin
  3. Thanks you! See, this is why I was so confused... I had the Genelec 8020D in mind, at about $1750. And those are analogue XLR. I see there's a digital XLR (AES/EBU) version, the 8330A at nearly twice the price. But that's a completely different ballgame. To get a digital signal directly to those, I'd need to convert TOSlink to AES/EBU first. Which means another box, and more (expensive) cables. Nope. Now I see why @Ittaku recommended Xeo 2 (now Xeo 10). Same idea but TOSlink more compatible with consumer gear. If I wanna go that road, it looks like KEF LXS is the main alte
  4. This forum is awesome. Thanks for the great info @Ittaku and @BugPowderDust! I had no idea! At the same time, I'm inclined to trust their using quality components, and it's all designed and tuned to create a reference monitor reproduction of the source. So in that sense, even though the source signal goes DA AD DA, as long as they're quality conversions, it's not really a problem? Looks interesting, although doesn't seem to be an easy bit of kit to find, and somewhat expensive. This is definitely an awesome option for me, and will work - t
  5. Right, I'm deep in the internet hole and crippled by indecision. It's awful! It's not a 'which product is best?' question, more of a 'which approach makes sense?' question. Here's the situation. I have a reasonable hifi setup (Arcam A80, rDac, Dynaudio floorstands, Rega P324), but things are different now. I spend 90% of my listening time at my desk (home office). Music sounds crap, because I'm either streaming to Sonos Play 5 (fine... but barely a hifi) or listening to pretty basic headphones (AT M50x) direct from device. So, a compact DAC and a nice pair of active moni
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