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  1. Might be of interest to somebody ? limited edition Gary Numan coloured 7 in singles boxset https://garynuman.tmstor.es/?fbclid=IwAR313B05SZXX6hcGHYH0_99ojZRwZR7fJHPgr-sQWQGtxMNWoPv-HPjQY1c
  2. when you need to stock up your home bar https://hiconsumption.com/best-home-bar-bottles/
  3. Another(?) 5.1 release , might be of interest to somebody https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/133317/Pink_Floyd-The_Dark_Side_Of_The_Moon-Hybrid_Multichannel_SACD?fbclid=IwAR331N1eGAHz51I0N-cHW3TjtVjqIzJG4V_d42qUG0c8nBBrv1-5DWsjUCI
  4. What are people thoughts on the Lark whiskies?
  5. Yeah I don't get, I'd like the extra goodies of the premium AND auto , but I don't want the sunroof. Can't understand why they have done that. To me the N premium with auto would be pick of the bunch. But they did the same with the N line range - to get the premium you had to get the sunroof. Interesting the coupe had been dropped as well - apparently they sold hardly any.
  6. Just had a email from Hyundai re the new i30n n premium with sunroof and 8spd auto nearly $58k ouch https://www.hyundai.com/au/en/shop/calculator#/i30-n?utm_medium=email&utm_source=hmca_crm&utm_campaign=pron_i30n-launch_jul2021&utm_content=prospects&utm_term=i30n-cpc&hcid=H1327568&hcm=Getz&hcamid=1-1XFWYF
  7. ThAts the one or close to it. I seem to remember one having a spirit level in it as well.
  8. Can anybody remember the name of that clear protractor you place at the front of your cartridge to check azimuth and other things
  9. Welcome to the other side, I think there are a couple of members down your way.
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