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  1. All this is good practice for the potential decisions about what to do with the hi-fi should you hear the 'thunder of little feet' in the future. With 3 kids under age 6, I once had to elevate a complete system over a metre and a half off the floor, up a wall. Worth it. My son-in-law just 'lost' his speakers and amp when he switched on his system, only to find ALL the dials of all the components were (thanks to his 2 year old) at '10'!! Oh dear...🤢 Some music is better than no music I say.
  2. Possibly the most well thought-out system posted here for sale in many a year. I hope buyers realise what a terrific package this is!
  3. How did those pilots on approach find the time to listen to any music??
  4. I have touched a similar knob on my Marc Houston power amp. Totally worth it. Fantastic bargain here and no cheap, badly made Ch****** s***
  5. This 'sounding the same' argument about amplifiers energised many technophiles in the 1980s and beyond for years (still does). I say enough. Anyone who can listen and hear will quickly find that amplifiers do sound different. When the dispute changes to valves vs solid state--a most popular argument--then it's on for young and old. May I declare my biases and say that: 1. I prefer valve amplification because to me (as a musician) it usually sounds more like music, and 2. There is one main reason why valve technology persists and flourishes, especially
  6. Last month I used VIVA tubes to buy a new matched pair of Genalex PX-300B (gold pins). They retail in the US for $US280, which is $AS370. Total bill with matching & shipping (US Postal Service (First Class Package International Service) was $US314 = $A415 https://www.vivatubes.com/new-matched-pair-2-genalex-px300b-gold-pins-vacuum-tubes/ They arrived in around 10 days and sound very good indeed. They were originally recommended highly on this Forum by @xlr8or and he is 'on the money'. They are available for around this price in OZ, as noted above from tubeaudi
  7. You are inspiring me yo give away some gear I am not using. SNA rules.
  8. You have the essential system requisites for a music lover: goosebumps. It seems you're on the journey of discovering what you like to listen to, and how. I don't think $6,600 speakers would denote any longer a 'humble' system, by the way! I note that your system seems pretty well-matched and that you have noticed the improvements from having a very good amp and a better digital source (higher bitrate, anyway). There are always better components BUT if you think about it, that's a slippery slope of looking for better musical quality which 'might' be elusive
  9. AUSGRID man smiled enigmatically while saying they would 'look into it'. They did come out immediately. This is on the Northern beaches which used to be notorious for fusing (melting) home appliances overnight, in years gone by I'm thinking the microprocessor in the Dectet board somehow 'beats' the THOR (and shuts down) despite the ostensible overall voltage regulation; I say this because for years I owned a THOR + associated board only--and never had the sudden shutoffs. But then the other appliances in the house must be suffering too, since they are protected by ordinary power/su
  10. AUSGRID came yesterday and confirmed the low voltages. At least the THOR is accurate! Possibly the ball is in their court entirely...
  11. It sounds to me like your turntable needs a complete new set-up. It probably isn't even level or aligned. The best bet is a hi-fi shop/club as mentioned. Then you could ask to be present while the basics are explained and then you are much of the way to understanding. [I don't service my own car, by the way.] Just my 2c worth AND Here is a pictorial guide to the usual steps that will be necessary SET UP MADE EASY.pdf
  12. My experience too. I have plugged different amps into the wall OR into the Thor. I didn't notice much difference.
  13. I am having a problem that is driving me mad: my whole system shuts down as the PS Audio Dectet power board trips (presumably due to a voltage fluctuation or electrical ‘danger’). The system will power up again OK and rarely trips twice in a row. Nevertheless, I am tearing what is left of my hair out... This happens suddenly on many days. In the early morning it commonly has tripped during the night. Of course, the Dectet is meant to do this if it has to…but why? I bought it new so I think it must be OK. Such shut-downs never happened before I sold my volta
  14. Many things make a difference in the perceived sound, one of which is the kind of cable--according to my listening. But the most elusive and frustrating perception is the better quality of the overall system at various times of the day and night Just my 2c worth
  15. These amps provided one of the most astounding soundscapes in an early hi-fi experience I had many years ago (in a dealer on York St, Sydney). Driving Celestion SL-600 speakers. Before digital! They are sweet and clear and musical performers. I have never forgotten that sound. GLWTS
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