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  1. I think that may have happened to Aurealis audio at some stage. Unfortunately it is to be expected. Unless there are patents in place then there may not be an easy way to stop this.
  2. Bill has spent a long time stripping the outer insulation from those cables. I'd appreciate the hours put into that.
  3. @Hendoferson Your thread has started up again. Did you end up purchasing some speakers to your liking? Simon
  4. Could be 100w total aka 50w per channel, but the diagram on their web page says 100w PC(per channel). as ranky just pointed out as I was writing this as well. I do hope this isn't Peak music power output instead of rms power driven into both chanels below a certain distorion measurement. I would be more than happy to do some testing to get some specifications for that amp.
  5. Sounds like a kit may be more suitable. You can try a google search and you may be lucky. or you may be able to find some useful info on troelsgravesson website. or if you really want to learn the maximum in the least amount of time I would receommend this speaker design course on Udemy. https://www.udemy.com/course/acoustics-101-speaker-design-basics-and-enclosure-design/ There are a few modules from that person from beginner to more advanced. (I recommend all) Regards Simon
  6. I agree with this after playing around with larger fullrange/wideband drivers recently. Although they can sound quite excellent. Having the dispersion drop off a bit sooner in a larger driver can help throw less high frequency energy into the room which can help with bright rooms or sensitive ears. But as you said they are not without there own issues as well.
  7. Looks nice and it is probably great but... Power input shows 24v 5A or 120w Total capacity. 100w class AB? Something doesn't add up.
  8. Sounds like relays clicking in a relay attenuated system to me.
  9. What is a fullrange driver? What frequencies must it produce to be classified as full range? more often than not they should be classified as "Wideband" drivers as the Russian Noema's are.
  10. These aren't mine but have just built something with the same drivers. Large Wideband drivers. Can be used from 25Hz - 12Khz but best used with a tweeter crossed between 4-6KHz. Russian Noema drivers. https://youtu.be/MafQQX062Sg
  11. Wow! This is the most generous offer I have ever seen. Regards Simon
  12. I am guessing this is your new website Terry. https://www.gc-hifi.com.au/ This is fantastic news.
  13. Dont worry . I see you're in Sydney. You cant see that info when using the phone but at home I can.
  14. Have you tried with another amplifier. Have you tried with a different input device ie cd player. Could be something as simple as a poor connection to more serious issue of amp getting out of spec due to component wear. Check the simple things first.
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