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  1. Luis;191829 wrote: The Mad Scene started off as Monsterland in our flat in Parnell back in 1990. The 3 of them would practice in a bedroom, much to our downstairs neighbours' annoyance.Hamish and Lisa went back to NYC and my brother stayed in NZ. They had to change their name from Monsterland to Mad Scene in the US cos of some copyright thing. That's a cool story. I've only heard Blip once through but I thinks it's a rough diamond with some great shimmering jams going on. Nicely Lo-fi without being tinny production from sonic boom.
  2. Mad scene - Blip. Swans - The Seer Dead C - Armed Courage Only halfway through side one of The Seer for the first time. Heavy stuff. Half expecting Scott Walker to pop up on vocals. All good though.
  3. This bunch here on an SL1200 and some old but good fun Energy 3.1e's. Just converted a small outside room into a listening cave so I can actually play music at a reasonable level after 7pm with out waking the kids. Loving it as you can imagine. Now wondering why I have thousands of dollars worth of hifi sitting in the living room. Hmmmmm.... Attached files
  4. An interesting little film on Bruce Russell (The Dead C) shot by his daughter. http://vimeo.com/73436706
  5. This lot. I Love (almost) everything Howe Gelb does and his Band of Blacky Ranchette stuff is cool. Attached files
  6. Pixies Surfer Rosa was when everything clicked for me. Pretty soon after my mind was blown by 3 or 4 mix tapes containing the likes of Husker Du (chartered trips - fav Husker du track) early Lemonheads, snapper, sonic youth. Then it was that NZ comp Various Artists: It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us:NZ Singles 79-82 And in particular this great track on that comp from The Features Then I got addicted to Flying Nun....
  7. I've had a few 1200's over the years and still have a couple on a shelf in the shed. I am reluctant to sell them as they get pulled out a couple of times a year for parties - a great excuse for my mates and I to pull out our old vinyl and ramp up a party. They are built like tanks and sound pretty bloody good when set up well. Even if they have been thrashed and had the odd splash of beer, as long as they still hold their speed and the arm bearing isn't loose, I would way rather have one over a budget rega or project. They are so much fun to use - instant start up and speed change, easy cue
  8. Luis;188668 wrote: A friend in the UK is about to have his book about the 4AD label published http://www.harpercollins.co.uk/Titles/79896 Rabid 4AD fans can also buy a limited edition print which will come with specially compiled CDs. This looks like a great read. Some great bands on that label for sure. Another great record label book is Our noise - The story of Merge Records. Highly recommended.
  9. I've got a Rough Trade pressing. Is this the one you mean Papa or did FN release it originally on vinyl too?
  10. How good actually is the V15 III? I have one with no stylus and have always wondered if its worth resurrecting. With a jico would it stack up to say a decent $500 cart?
  11. deadc;184258 wrote: Nice one Thomas...used to have this on CD but alas it didn't make it out of my Uni days alive. Sure it's waaay out of print now Yep, Bruce Blucher is a bit of unrecognized legend in NZ music I reckon. This might interest you: http://podcasts.countingthebeat.gen.nz/098100130BruceBlucher.mp3 Great track at the end I had never heard. Starting at 27min..
  12. Trash - Gritt and Butts. Great older lo-fi from Dunedins Expressway records. Some real noise pop classics on this album and fantastic drumming from Robbie Yeats (verlaines, dead c, renderers).
  13. Yes the original arm was damaged beyond repair so I simply drilled a new hole for a RB300. The plinth to platter height is bang on and I just flipped the platter to the non concave side. I haven't really been able to properly compare its sound to other TTs. It sounds really quite good but it's nice to play with other components. Would be interesting to A-B it. And the synchro looks so good and I'm a sucker for good looking TT's... Attached files
  14. sirAndy;184203 wrote: Was the Syncro above or below the Gyro? Below from what I can tell from the web.
  15. sirAndy;184198 wrote: Would this be for as well as - or instead of - the Well Tempered, Thomas? Instead of. Really just looking for a change for fun. The fact it has a cover is a big plus as I have 1 and 3 year olds.
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