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  1. thanks guys ! much appreciate the feedback. The conclusion here is minidsp is certainly the way to go if the other features find a place in the setup. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge !
  2. wow that's stellar measurement. Thanks for your reply, now I need to check out this dac too !
  3. Yeap makes sense. Talking about price point, the minidsp landed gets quite close to the RME price wise. Thanks again, this has been very helpful
  4. thanks for that, so based on that, you woulnd't neccesserily prefer it over the RME ? suppose trying to get a consensus here
  5. I will have to specify 2v Input (for 27db gain) but indeed we can specify the gain that we need. The reason for this is because I will need to drive the amp from a Denon receiver which is standard RCA with 2v out. If I do not have this use-case, would have gone 20db gain. On this, does this also mean that it's sinad/dynamic range etc would be similar ? We're seeing the best measurements at 4v balanced, does this mean we will see similar measurement at 2v unbalanced ? My thought was it will not but not really sure frankly so keen to hear your thoughts.
  6. Thanks for the detailed response. Lte me try this - The measurement shows the minidsp clearing 19bits of distortion - 114db range at 4V. So if my amp requires 2V for full output, then my 'available' range would drop significantly at the reduced voltage. And if it doesn't clear 60db, then that's something audible. Am I understanding this correctly ?
  7. Thanks heaps for the reply .The plan is to get a purifi power amp next which is typically around 27db gain.Will drive it directly from the dac preamp but long term thought is to get a tube preamp (possibly Freya). keen to hear the relationship between the jitter level and the gain structure too. How do you think it’ll play out with the above gain ? cheers
  8. Hi guys, I've been looking at getting a new DAC and came across the SHD. ASR Measurements shows that its a very competent product and the addition of a streamer and Dirac, just seems like the best bargain in the price range. Not only can I consolidate but room correction in the same package. Whilst the measurements are excellent, has anyone been able to compare it subjectively with other DACs - example an RME ? Does such thing as a 'sound signature' exist at all between these products given how transparent they seem to be from a measurement point of view ? much appreciate your feedback
  9. Hello, can we select HT bypass from the remote ( I see a AV button) ?
  10. ah, the mk2 was my very first 'hi-fi' amp during uni, still have it in case I need a spare . Excellent amp !
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