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  1. Hi, Series 1, October 2010.
  2. I have one I would be willing to sell for $850. I'm in Sydney South-East. Cheers, Graeme
  3. I suppose my opinion can be taken with a grain of salt as I own i66s (Mk 2). I heard the Dynaudio C1 Mk 2 and the i66 extensively but NOT in my room before eventually taking the punt on i66s. I have also listened for many hours to the very same pair of Dynaudio Evidence Temptations that Zaph refers to in his post. I'm fortunate that I apparently have cloth ears and cannot hear the horrific artifacts in the midrange of the VAFs. I am very happy with the VAFs (driven by Devialet 200) and have heard the big Dynaudio Evidences driven by my amp as well - but in a different room, and in my opinion they are not a million miles apart in quality, in fact when I come home from listening to the Dyns (now relegated to my mate's bedroom system! - replaced by MBL 101E MK 2), I get lost in the music rather than a comparison with what I have just heard, though the rooms are so different in size that a meaningful comparison eludes me. I'm a person very much given to buyer's remorse, but in the case of the i66, I've never considered replacing them.
  4. Which VAF do you have? I have already added i66 Mk 11. I'm not hopeful, but as VAF sell Devialet perhaps there is an outside chance of VAF measuring them using Devialet's protocols and sending the file. Cheers, Graeme
  5. Hi James, B&W already have three models which have been "SAMed" as of today - 802, 805 and 805 Maserati, with the CM10 rapidly gaining votes. In this case it pays to own a popular speaker! Cheers, Graeme
  6. Devialet are taking votes for speaker active matching at http://voteforsam.devialet.com/. Get your votes in, if not for your own speakers then perhaps for VAF i66 I don't like the chances of Aussie speakers being included in the database but as Philip Vafiadis sells Devialet, we might be in with a chance. Cheers, Graeme
  7. Yes, the second is off site - a friend has a large 60s and 70s collection and we have a copy of each others NAS boxes. I thought of cloud storage, but the time it's taking to get my photos uploaded to Backblaze suggests that it would take years to get the music up there!
  8. 12TB of music ? what's that 120,000 full res flacs ? Somewhere between 6000-12000 albums ? Thereabouts 250 days of non stop music ? I doubt this is typical of most people but yeah sure you need a nas I'm of a similar persuasion. I've been collecting music for 45 years and "only" have around 10 TB of music, over 2000 albums of which are in High res. (largely my vinyl rips). I realise that many people don't have 18000 albums and that makes me a bit obsessive perhaps, but my audiophilia definitely comes in second place to my love of music! I love it when people ask me why I could possibly need 16 TB of music storage plus backup (twice!). Maybe once you've finished with the Diana Krall catalogue there isn't much left to listen to!
  9. I was very pleased. I have never had any component make such a difference to my enjoyment of music. Barry hasn't heard it yet in my system, but I think he was surprised that such a tiny (relative to the Burmester and behemoth ME 1500) little thing could produce such delicacy and thunder (when needed) through the big Dynaudios. I'm now looking forward to the arrival of my VAF i66s, and I'm hoping they work well together.
  10. Coincidentally, I took my Devialet 170 to a friend's place yesterday and we listened to his Bryston BDP-1/Burmester/ME 1500/Dynaudio Evidence Temptation/REL G-1 before swapping it for the Devialet. The ME did not sound at all "slow and veiled" to my ears - could it be Zaphod's magic touch? I've heard it many times before and it has always been exceptional compared to my own modest gear (ME-25/Rotel 990 and 1582). The Devialet however, is in a different league to my previous setup, and I thought it was more transparent,subtle, and authoritative - particularly in the bass - than my friend's DAC/Pre/Power Amp. I am biased though, and the other two opinions were that they were about equal.
  11. This may be a little OT, but I wonder if either the JKeny Hiface or the AP2 would improve the sound of my Benchmark Dac 1 Pre which already has a USB input? Does anyone have any experience with this or similar USB input Dacs v. either of those two devices? Cheers.
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