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  1. No I'm not. The reason that vinyl can sound better than digital (and so good) is that it can be derived from a more pleasing master and that reflects on exactly what you just said. You said they did a remaster so that's a different master, get it? If we could get hold of the master then we'd really hear it and could compare it directly to the vinyl release and anything else is comparing apples to oranges. Like I said cut out the middleman. There's magic in them 1's and 0's.
  2. I'm a digital downloads and CD guy and I'm not too fussed that I have low sex appeal on a very male oriented forum. 😏
  3. Good to see some more format warring from the usual suspects. Digital downloads have been in decline for quite some time contrary to some of the posts here. https://www.statista.com/chart/10185/music-consumption-in-the-us/ IMO vinyl is going nowhere and CD production will likely cease before vinyl production if either ever do. The reason being vinyl usually offers a "different presentation" to the digital release and the CD is just a hard copy of what can be more conveniently obtained by download or streaming. Seeing as though the vast majority of mo
  4. Welcome, you just joined another format war. 🤗
  5. I've got numerous CD's that have bonus tracks that don't and never will appear on vinyl and many of those bonus tracks are worthwhile. With vinyl the capabilities of the medium must always be considered in production especially when it comes to bass to the point in can be a creativity stifler. With the introduction of the CD it created virtually endless creativity options as one can put on it whatever they like.
  6. Unless I'm mistaken one of the best if not the best ways to support an artist is to buy a digital download and especially from BANDCAMP which even have special days every now and then when all money goes to the artist. There's heart and soul in them 1's and 0's. That's a bit rough, easy. 😏 The only real tight arses IMO are those who share streaming accounts which is not as the service intended; there I said it. Another thing to remember which seems easily forgotten or completely unnoticed is that when you buy a second hand Vinyl or a CD and enjoy it the artist gets
  7. But do they? You most likely have to flip sides and even discs. I have a handful of vinyl and one of the records has like 2-3 songs per side so you can't sit still and enjoy it for very long. At least one of the tracks should flow continuously into the other (like the digital version) so I put it to you one can never hear this particular album just how the artist intended from the vinyl production. This particular album was produced in 1996 primarily for CD and vinyl was just an afterthought.
  8. Congratulations vinyl, you've become the collectors (NFT) item of choice for mainstream teenybopper music so enjoy your Swift and Grande records guys. 😎 “In these unprecedented times it is the labels’ and artists’ continued focus on the fan connection via collectible, bespoke offerings, the addition of incredibly strong hip-hop and pop releases that are converting new generations into vinyl fans and the never-ending reason for vinyl’s ascendance: It’s eternally cool,” said Billy Field, vice president of sales and a vinyl strategist at WEA, the artist and label services arm of Warne
  9. Right, yep. I'm applying digital attenuation much more than that.
  10. Hi, I've wondered what later models might do as far as output of analog and digital. So it seems that your DEQX HDP-4 in the way you have configured is seemingly attenuating digitally for the SPDIF output to your main speaker DAC's. I assume this would also be matched for the sub-woofer outputs not before being converted to analog of course.
  11. 😊 Hi Mike, have you compared your DEQX with analog volume versus digital volume and if so what do you think?
  12. Just out of curiosity, are you using your DEQX with the master volume in analog or digital mode? Below is a screen-shot with Analog Volume switched on as it looks like from my version of the DEQX software for my HDP-3. I assume it may look different in the updated software for the later DEQX models.
  13. But, it is very confusing because this topic is in The Great Audio Debate section so from where I'm sitting it should either be moved somewhere else or allow, you know, debate.
  14. Within you AVR's settings if you set SUBWOOFER to OFF and MAINS to LARGE and CENTRE & SURROUNDS to SMALL I think you will achieve the following: The LFE channel will be re-directed to your mains. Your main speakers will run full range. Your centre and surrounds will have low frequencies re-directed to your mains. You should be able to run a room calibration with what the AVR will think is a 5.0 system but you will have two sub-woofers augmenting your left and right mains. Yes probably, but it could be more complex.
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